I Pity The Fool!

So we did what most people did yesterday:

Hubs using his big-ass knife to carve up the pumpkin.

Hubs came up with a brilliant pumpkin plan:

Mr. T on the counter waiting for his debut outside.

You gotta love Mr. T.

Mr. T all lit up.

Mr. T pities the fools who don’t love roasted pumpkin seeds.

Two enormous sheets of pumpkin seeds!

After cleaning and drying the seeds overnight, hubs roasted both sheets for 45 minutes at  250 degrees. He made one try with spray butter and kosher salt and divided the other tray into truffle oil topped with truffle salt and the rest had curry, cumin, coriander and spanish paprika. Yum!

Our house smells like an Indian Curry House. But for us, that’s not a bad thing. Hope you had a great Halloween!



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5 responses to “I Pity The Fool!

  1. not only did i not roast pumpkin seeds this year, i still haven’t gotten that truffle salt. oops. it’s on the to-do list!! the salt that is 🙂

  2. I roasted my pumpkin seeds too mmmm….

    Mike watches The A-Team EVERY day…I kid you not. I’m surprised he didn’t think of that. I’ll have to tell him.

  3. I tried roasting some kabocha seeds, but they turned out pretty nasty. I think I might have to season them more. Truffle oil would be divine though!

  4. Next time you make fries, toss them in a bit of truffle oil and parmesan cheese – so good!

    Love the pumpkin!! I didn’t carve any this year 😦

    • Ah! A girl after my own heart 🙂 Our go-to fries are made with truffle oil, parm, garlic and taragon. When they’re ready to go, I hit them with some truffle salt as well. Overkill but in such a good way!

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