Introducing Mr. Piggy McPiggertson

You may know him. He’s my husband. And the man LOVES his pork.

Mr. Piggy McPiggertson: I dig on swine.

Unfortunately, despite diet changes and consistent exercise, his genetics have given him reason to curtail his meat consumption with the hope that unlike most people in his family, he won’t need some kind of multi-bypass surgery before his 50th birthday.

This being said, he still truly loves pork. For instance. This week he went out to lunch with a co-worker to Umami Burger. The co-worker got the veggie burger. But hubs could not resist ordering the triple pork burger (chorizo, bacon and ground pork). Thankfully this is a rare occurrence these days. But when faced with a food decision at a restaurant, rarely can he pass up the pork dish.

But back in the day….

He has been known to visit swank steak houses and order the pork belly appetizer and pork chop entree. Without blinking at the waiter. When he orders the creme brulee for dessert, they make it even though it’s not on their menu.

He invented smell-o-vision a decade ago just so he could smell the pork bbq on cooking shows. He refused to mass produce the invention because he didn’t want to be the cause of a new addiction.

He oinks at himself in the third person.

He will someday own a large pig farm not only because he loves to eat pork, but also because he considers them to be wonderful pets.

His brother has been known to concoct a bacon explosion as a way to celebrate him. And it wasn’t even his birthday.

Bacon explosion: slab bacon wrapped around ground pork and cooked bacon. I am not even kidding.


He playfully refers to a co-worker as Boss Hogg. His co-worker’s response: where can I buy a white suit? And he is serious.

Boss Hogg


That’s right. He is the most pig-loving man in the world.

He doesn’t always eat meat, but when he does, he prefers pork.

Stay hungry, my friends.


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