Stop the Shopocalypse!

More and more I am totally disgusted by the consumerism at the holidays. I could not believe that stores are now open on Thanksgiving. I mean, do we really need to shop at Kmart on Turkey Day? Come on!

In the spirit of the season, we watched this movie:

Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir

[sorry the image is so tiny]

That’s right, we watched, What Would Jesus Buy? This movie is a documentary that follows around Reverend Billy and his Stop Shopping Gospel Choir. Seriously. I shit you not. Check him out. He’s a strange and bizarre man although I do agree with his film’s point that the holidays have gotten out of control with people spending obscene amounts of money (that they don’t have, mostly) on gifts that, mostly, aren’t really needed. And because more is better, people feel forced to shop at the cheapest big box stores (thus running the Mom and Pop shops out of town). Their goals are:

Supporting and advocating for sustainable consumption.

Encouraging and establishing strong local economies.

Defending the First Amendment and public space.

Great initiatives. What’s not to love? Plus some of his catch phrases are just awesome:

Stop shopping! (usually said as he is being escorted off of a Wal-Mart or some similar store’s parking lot)

We must prevent the shopocalypse! (this speaks for itself. Kinda.)

In the documentary, Reverend Billy and his Stop Shopping Gospel Choir take a bus tour around the U.S. and they deliver their message mostly through song but occasionally we get to see the Reverend’s sermons and they are particularly awe-inspiring. We’re talking moments of speaking in tongues, people. It is fantastic. 

The story culminates at the happiest place on Earth. You might not like me for saying this, but so be it.

I cannot stand Disneyland.

It’s not that I don’t love cartoons (I do) and fun places (I really do!), but Disneyland has always seemed a pretentious and contrived place. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I was forced to march in 100 degree weather at Disneyworld with my high school marching band [spoiler alert: I’m a nerd! We were really awesome if that makes a difference. It doesn’t. Still nerdy.]. While waiting to start, we were behind the scenes with characters who were smoking and cursing. Very Disney-like.

So in the spirit of the documentary, the Foodbins are going to be as conscious as possible with gift giving. What does that mean? It means I’m going to try to buy stuff from my local stores and am planning on (for the most part) making presents this year. No big box stores for me (ok, except Wholefoods). This is also a protective device for me. When Thanksgiving hits, the crazies are out en force and I can just not stand to be around it. Too much stimulus.

Today Yogi says,

Truth is everlasting.

What do you think?  Disney: yeah/nay and why?



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4 responses to “Stop the Shopocalypse!

  1. Amen, sister friend! I always feel like a Grinch, but I HATE the consumerism of the holidays. The spirit is lost in a sea of sales and purchases of things no one needs or can afford.

    We spent tonight passing out those wreaths at the old people’s place that I made over the weekend and it was priceless. You would have thought I gave them a diamond or something. My family can’t afford much, but we just get each other little things and then chip in an make a donation to the Humane Society. I adopted a tree for them a few years ago in memory of our dog, a treat plaque in their honor and a dog bed for her birthday. We got our animals from there and they’re our charity of choice 😉

    SOOO much more gratifying than a gift card or electronic device. I love your idea!!!

    • How thoughtful. I love that you handed out the homemade wreaths and the donation is wonderful. It feels great to give something that is really from your heart. Gadgets and more crap is just overrated 🙂

  2. Considering that I wish I could visit Disney World on Christmas…I’m a yay. Sorry! I know it’s just a false image they project, and I certainly don’t believe it’s the “happiest place on earth”….but I love the magical feeling you get there. Just, for one day, I’d like to be in a “different world” from the one I live in each day.

    My Chinese professor today told us “Americans” to thank him since apparently he’s the only one who shopped on Black Friday. “I helped the American economy!” he boasted. Hahaha!

    • I can totally understand the allure of taking a day to be somewhere magical. I guess I get kind of annoyed by the adults who have season passes to Disney and go all the time. How magical could it be after 50 visits? Maybe I’m wrong…

      Pretty funny about your professor. Oh how I miss the good old college days 🙂

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