Say Hello To My Little Friend

Life has been a bit rough lately. But the time finally came to pull out this bad boy:

Paella pan (just after being gently seasoned)

That’s right. It’s finally time to get down and dirty with some tasty paella goodness. I’ve had this pan forever and we just weren’t in the right mood. Now that it’s cold and we are craving warm dinners, it was the perfect time to get started.

For our paella, we used chicken, chorizo and swordfish as the proteins. After those are cooked, we scooped them out and made room for the diced garlic, jalopeno, onion, tomato and green pepper.

Paella in process: diced garlic, jalopeno, onion, tomato and green pepper.

After this becomes aromatic, we added the saffron, salt and pepper. Then it’s rice time. We used a cup of arborio rice and toasted it for a few minutes then added a blend of stock and sauvignon blanc. I only meant to add about 14 oz. of the wine…somehow I used the entire bottle. Whoops. Anyway, when the rice cooked to al dente, I put in a half cup of edamame (in lieu of peas) and added back the proteins. I meant to sprinkle the dish with the cilantro I had chopped but realized it was still on the cutting board long after dinner was over.

Paella perfection!

During the meal, I had a great view of this beauty:

O Christmas tree!

Talk about piney goodness! I’m such a child but I can’t help it. I LOVE Christmas. The decorations really make it for me. I love to see the neighborhood all lit up. Even the palm trees are lit up which is trippy to see considering I’m a Midwestern gal at heart.

The countdown to Christmas chaos is on. And I say: Bring it!

In light of a recent utterly ridiculous squabble I’m currently dealing with, Yogi put it’s two cents in today:

Let your manners speak, your deeds prove and your delivery impress.



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6 responses to “Say Hello To My Little Friend

  1. I hate when things get rough but the only thing to do is pull out of it! I’m glad you’re doing it 🙂

    Love the tree!

  2. my husband and i were just staring at a paella pan this weekend… i’ve NEVER had it, but i wanna try! (and i love excuses for new kitchen things!)

  3. I love your tree and your lights! I’m not sure what you’re going through right now, but you have my e-mail if you need to vent 🙂

    Tis the season…

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