The Zombie Shuffle

Hubs and I went on a quick trip to Phoenix this past weekend. To be honest, it’s not my favorite place (it’s too dry!)but I don’t mind too much when we stay here for a couple of days. I love architecture, especially Frank Lloyd Wright-influenced design. This is truly an old school hotel. In a good way. I guess Ronald and Nancy Reagan had their honeymoon at the hotel. Fancy!

Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa

Snowflakes lighting the ceiling at the hotel.

They celebrate all denominations.

One of the gingerbread houses on display. This one had a train running around it.

The courtyard all lit up and perty.

While hubs went off to his conference for a cocktail reception Thursday night, I hit up the mall to check out the shops. I hadn’t been shopping in ages and, quite frankly, am always a bit put off by the incessant holiday music. God help me if I had to work in a store like that. I would probably go ape shit. It’s also a fascinating experience around the holidays because it’s one of the places where people turn into zombies. You know, they shuffle around almost aimlessly, picking up things, then putting them down, without a clear purpose. The zombie shuffle happens in airports as well.

After poking around Macy’s for a bit, I met up with hubs at True Food. We’ve been to this restaurant before. And it’s pretty darn good. The food is fresh and flavorful and my favorite: light. I don’t feel like I ate a bowling ball when we’re done.

Looking forward to organic and sustainable tastiness!

Salad with butternut squash, pom seeds, apple, pecans and goat cheese.

Kale salad with parm and breadcrumbs. My fave!!

My dish: tofu teriyaki with brown rice and veggies.

Friday night we hit up one of the restaurants at the hotel. I won’t lie. It was not as good as last time. Plus our service was horrendous. We both still had food on our plates and were chatting and having a grand time when a busboy came by and tried to pick up our plates. He then said in an accusatory way, “You aren’t done?” as if we were eating too slowly (I admit it: I am a very slow eater. I like to enjoy my dinner!).

Obligatory pre-dinner pose.

Well hello again.

Tortilla soup: this was a bit over-salted but pretty darn good.

Hubs' dish: meatloaf

Flatbread with hummus and salad and a couple pieces of lamb.

The pictures turned out like ass. But we got to dine outside (me next to the heat lamp) while a jazz band tickled our ears. That made up for the mediocre food. A little bit anyway.

Saturday morning I went for a great run on this pathway just outside of the hotel. The air was crisp but the sun was out. Just a glorious morning to be outside. I was proud of myself that I didn’t go overboard and stopped at about 8 miles. But it was one of those days that I could have run like Forrest Gump.

Run Forrest, run!

Saturday afternoon we were back with the zombies, shuffling our way through Sky Harbor Airport. I didn’t even have to get patted down. Hooray! I wish I could say the same for my Mom. Poor lady had to get the full on pat at DTW on her way to come out to LA for the holidays on Saturday night. And this after she went through the new I-can-see-everything in 3-D-x-ray-machine. Seriously.

Hubs has a theory that some day soon, we’ll all have to go through security in the nude and when we hand our boarding pass to the flight attendant at the gate, we will be handed a robe for the flight. I’m sure they’ll charge like $20 for that, but whatever.

See?!? You never can tell...



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5 responses to “The Zombie Shuffle

  1. What a fun weekend!

    I hope your hubs is wrong about this one LOL! $30 for the overweight size robes 😉

  2. So fancy! If I ate dinner outside here, I’m pretty sure I would end up in the ER, so I kind of hate you a little bit.
    At any rate, it looks like a fun little jaunt, minus the TSA and shitty service. If the food is “meh,” good service might bring me back. If the service is “meh,” I have serious doubts…and I usually voice them 😉

    • I definitely should have said something (after the meal) about the service but I chickened out. Sometimes I have no problem speaking my mind and others it’s the complete opposite. Bad timing for me on this one.

  3. lowandbhold

    The hotel is GORGEOUS!

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