Family Circus

I cannot believe that the holidays have come and gone. I mean, they usually zoom by but this time seemed particularly speedy. Instead of having the family meet up somewhere to celebrate like we have in years past, hubs and I decided to host the fam at our house. We thought the weather would be at least decent (or at most wonderful) but it was far from that. We suffered through the cold and rain and managed to have a good time anyway. And before I get to the photo recap, I have to add that in an unusual twist of fate, I was partnered with my mother-in-law for the annual Euchre tourney and we actually won! What a way to start the new year.

Christmas Eve involved pizza. Lots of pizza from a new place (well, new to us), as our tried and true boarded up and is moving down the street (it was actually quite shocking).

Gypsy pizza with spinach, tomato and ricotta cheese.

Salad pizza (most people's fave) with, what else, salad and tons of tasty avocado.

Mushroom pizza with garlic crust (the best crust by far).

Christmas Day started with a fun run of sorts on the woodchips in Manhattan Beach. The sun even peaked out for a second. Once back home, hubs and I started on our mediterranean feast.

Roasted leg of lamb resting on a pig-shaped cutting board.

Tabbouleh with extra parsley.

Fava bean hummus (sorry about the picture quality).

Homemade flat bread--with and without gluten (the GF did not turn out well).

My plate: kale salad, tabbouleh, roasted zucchini (I don't dig on lamb), an enormous dollop of humus and (not pictured) 2 pieces of flatbread. Yummy.

All together now....cheese!

I can’t leave out the presents.

The tree with all of the presents waiting to be ripped open.

Hubs' fam all post-presents glowy.

How cute is my f.i.l. in his scarf that my s.i.l. made?

My parents are cute, too.

B.i.l. gave out CSI Minneapolis caps. I'm modeling hubs' hat. It's a look, eh?

See how talented my s.i.l. is? Don't you LOVE my leg warmers? I do, too!

Last, but not least, we took part in seeing two very good movies. An oldie and a goodie.

An oldie: I heart John Cusack in Better Off Dead.

A goodie: the remake of True Grit. See this movie!

I can highly recommend both movies. And surprisingly, both got gold stars from everyone in the fam. That is a Christmas miracle!



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4 responses to “Family Circus

  1. It looks like you had a great holiday! I haven’t seen either of those movies and I think I’m the last person on the planet to have not seen True Grit. However, I go to a movie about as often as I go to the moon, so I’ll probably wait for the rental 😉

    I love leg warmers. They need to make a comeback.

    • It is very atypical for us to actually go out and see a movie. But it was something that all 10 of us could do and the only movie that was ok for the whole group. I much prefer the comfort of my own couch (and sweat pants) to the irritation (and loudness, etc., I could go on) of a movie theater. I think you’d like both of these movies 🙂

  2. abbott’s pizza looks really good! my favorite is pitfire pizza, but maybe i’ll give this place a shot 🙂

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