Great Success!

In my last post I wrote about my goal to cultivate stronger relationships with my friends. It wasn’t easy, but I pushed myself a little over the last couple of days and am feeling pretty happy about it. Meeting up with people is hard for me and living in L.A. makes it sometimes feel impossibly hard. My anxiety starts with driving somewhere (how long will it take, will I get lost, etc.), then finding parking (street, lot, valet?!?), then figuring out what to order (?!?!?) and then what the hell will we talk about. Yeesh! I am neurotic. I’m working on embracing it. Or at least accepting it.

I'm one anxious lady!

Friday I met up with my friend J. We had salads at Mrs. Winstons Green Grocery in Santa Monica and chatted about everything and anything for a good 90 minutes before we had to run off in different directions for the day. Driving back to my office I actually felt really happy. Exhilerated in a way. J put it perfectly when she said that getting together with friends helps to recharge people’s batteries. Consider mine in the process of a recharge.

Saturday hubs and I trekked down to the O.C. to see my parents. They have been staying there for a month now as a break from the crappy Michigan weather. The weather here hasn’t been much to write home about I’m sad to say. But at least it’s beautiful and the good days are tremendously good.

Dana Point

We made some lunch then headed out for an hour-plus walk around the Strand in Dana Point. My Mom loved pointing out all of the gorgeous homes that she “wouldn’t mind having” and showed me the home site she’d buy if she had 14 million dollars. How cute is that? I haven’t seen her this happy in ages and it is so wonderful. She has one of the biggest hearts and hers is bursting with joy. And that positive energy rubs off on me. I’m grateful for that.

To make the visit even better, Mom and I beat Hubs and Dad in Euchre. This is quite the feat considering they usually slaughter us and then have no qualms about rubbing our noses in it. We took the higher road. No noses rubbed….yet.

On our way home, I pursuaded hubs to stop at Lululemon to get a pair of much needed walking pants. His had seem better days many moons ago. I heart this store but can’t seem to afford much there. Their yoga pants and running shorts are totally awesome though.

Today we braved the cold morning air and smacked the tennis ball around for close to an hour. Then I got ready and headed out to Manhattan Beach to see G. I hadn’t seen her in ages. We had some pita with hummus, tzatziki and basil feta dip and then each got a salad. She’s from the good ol’ midwest like me and it’s refreshing to have such a grounded friend to talk to.

This is a good start. I realize this may be akin to what the resoluters do at the gym the first couple months of the year and I’m going to try to be cognizant of when things start to slide with this (because it probably will as most things do that aren’t easy and take a lot of effort). It gets hard sometimes because I’m the odd duck out a lot. My friends are living their baby years right now and it’s hard to relate to what they are going through sometimes. When I dwell on it I don’t do so great. But I’m making a choice not to dwell. Why feel bad? It’s a waste of time, right?

Yogi says,

There is beauty in your presence. Show who you are.



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8 responses to “Great Success!

  1. I wish we lived closer so we could have anxiety attacks meeting each other LOL!

    I hear you on the friends and their baby routes. Sometimes I feel like i’m going to miss out but the other part of me knows I like my routine and selfishness. I know you know where i’m coming from on this. The biggest part is we don’t use any BC and in 11 years nothing has happened so I think that’s God’s way of keeping me sane.

    • Maybe someday we’ll be able to meet up 🙂

      I thought 3.5 years of no BC was a God shot but you’ve got me beat by a lot. I try to keep an open mind that what will be, will be. You can’t force it (or shouldn’t, I think), right?

  2. First of all, I always love your comments on my posts and end up screaming “Yes, she gets it!” at my screen (not recommended if this occurs at work.) Second, I love that you put yourself out there a bit, as I did the same thing last week. It was only meeting a semi-friend for tea for a couple hours, but we’re super similar in our situations (no kids, 30, health-oriented, writers, etc.) and both had a really enjoyable time.

    Even though it was later at night (9 is late for me), I left hyper and genuinely happy. 🙂

  3. i think you’ve done really well with your resolution already! sometimes it feels so much easier to just stay at home, relax, instead of going out or making plans. but after hanging out with my girlfriends, i am always reminded how amazing and important it really is!

  4. I’m proud of you, Stephanie!!!! You clearly put action into words. That’s awesome, and I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    I don’t want to pressure you, but if you’re ever up for a blogger’s meet-up…just let me know! 🙂

    • No pressure Sophia. I’d actually really love to make plans with you and some of the LA bloggers. Maybe for February, after I’m back from my trip. I know whatever we do, there will be some tasty food and good conversation involved 🙂

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