Like A Virgin

I’m finally back from my trip down under and have my head back in the right time zone. I’ll admit it. I didn’t want to come home. Melbourne is a beautiful city and the summer air was delightful and delicious (I’m not sure how else to describe it as LA air is rough and gross). It was our first time in Australia and after this visit, probably won’t be the last.It didn’t hurt that Hubs and I were both officially off the grid. Ahhh. Sweet relief from the daily technological grind.  We made our plans over a year ago so we could get these seats:

Hubs sittin' pretty in his big business class lounger. Bring on the champagne!

Traveling for 14.5 hours in coach seemed like insanity to us so we saved up our miles and road in style. We had business class seats in the plane’s upper deck that laid completely flat, our own tv’s with tons of movies, games, shows and music to choose from and actually pretty decent meals. Oh and did I mention the champagne and wine? Sheer luxury!

The main reason for the visit to Melbourne was for the tennis. I have to admit. I’m not a virgin. I’ve been to a Grand Slam tennis tournament before. But that was back in the ’90s when I was a poor undergrad studying abroad in London for a summer. Sure Wimbledon was fun but we could only swing one day and the only affordable tickets were for a doubles match–not that I have anything against doubles. I’ve also been to Roland Garros but that was Davis cup tennis so I’m not really counting that.  

Hubs and I decided that if we were really going down under to watch the Australian Open, then by god, we would watch the tennis. Enter gluttony of tennis viewing. We hit it hard. I was in heaven!

At the open staying cool in the shade.

We got to see some awesome matches and some crazy wild fans. And, thankfully, the weather was not totally stifling. Sitting in the sun was brutal though. At times I thought I was sweating as much as the players. I know. Too sexy, right? 

Everything is blue!

Li Na rallied and beat the "Wauzie". Nice!

Abby: this one's for you.

These guys were AWESOME. They had several catchy songs and were just plain silly at times.

 I never wanted to be a Tomas Berdych fan more in my life. One of the songs these guys sang for Berdych was to the tune: Shakeshakeshake…shakeshakeshake…shake your booty. Their version: Czechczechczech….Czechczechczech…Czech Republic..Czech Republic!

Talk about a hummer. Yeah, I said it.

Australia Day at the Open with a girls' choir, flags and fireworks to boot.

 Australia Day is their version of July 4th. They had to stop the match due to the fireworks. Rafa and Ferrer were not amused. You should have seen the massive partying going on for this holiday. Kinda puts us to shame.

Waiting for the night match to start.

So I wasn’t a virgin at a Slam. Who cares? It still felt like it.

Next post: the best meal of my life. I’m not even kidding you. Hint hint: Royal Mail Hotel. 10 courses. With wine pairings.

A wild ride.



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4 responses to “Like A Virgin

  1. Glad you made it back safely! I hate flying…especially for that long.

  2. I’ve been waiting for your recap!
    All I can say is that if I was stuck on a plane for longer than 5 hours, I would give a kidney for seats like those or that allowed me extra leg room and decent food. Good call.
    Second, I would have stalked Rafa. You would have seen security leading me off the court in the picture taken right after that one…

  3. Yea 14.5 hours in an airplane? I am pretty terrified of flying-luckily I only have to do it once a year for work–sometimes twice depending on where we go for vacation. I don’t know that I could stand that long without some sort of tranquilizer. I white knuckle the seats the whole time, so I guess I wouldn’t do so hot…lol. Good for you for enduring that though, phew!

    What I would do to sit and sweat in the sun right now! Looks like you guys had a great time. I’m inviting myself the next time you guys go. 😀

    10 course meal? I wanna hear all about it!

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