Love Potion No. 14

I can’t believe that it’s been a year since I wrote this post. 

As you might recall, the day after Valentine’s Day is hubs and mine real Valentine’s Day. Ok. So that doesn’t make sense. Brief recap: when I first met him, he asked me out for V Day and I already had a date. So we went out the night after and the rest is history.

Because of this, we tend to place more weight on doing stuff for Feb 15th rather than place a ton of significance to the 14th. Blasphemous, I know! It’s also kind of a cool ‘screw you!’ to Hallmark: No one’s gonna tell me when I should buy a card to tell my hubs that I love him! Cue the dentures and old lady cane. Yeesh I’m an old fart sometimes.

But nevertheless. Today we celebrate our 14th dating anniversary. 14 years? Already?!? It doesn’t even seem like half of that to me. I guess that’s a great thing. Good thing I found someone who meshes well with me. For instance:

Hubs doesn’t seem to mind that we generally eat the same things as per the day of the week (case in point: 14 years of taco Tuesdays. I shit you not), e.g.

He seems ok with the fact that by the time he gets home from work at night (7:30pm) I am officially in my pajamas with [gasp!] no makeup on (let’s just say it’s not a pretty sight).

He is genuinely amused by my blondness (aka cluelessness). When we were at the Royal Mail Hotel, we took a dip in the pool and when I got a splash of water on my lips I said to him: I didn’t realize that I had gotten so sweaty on our walk. He looked at me with an amused grin. I wasn’t sweaty. We were in a salt water pool. Smart, yes I am.

He despises running but has shuttled me to and supported me for all 6 of my marathons and 3 halfs.  Hell, he even hugs me post-race when I know damn well that I smell like ass.

He tolerates grocery shopping with me.

He’s not embarrassed by my coupon envelope (qualifier: unless said envelope is totally falling apart and spewing coupons everywhere).

He picks up my special water from the crazy hippie lady in Santa Monica who calls him names like Schatzi and Boo.

I could go on. I’m so thankful to have let my guard down when he was trying to date me because I sure as hell was not planning on getting into a relationship at the time. Life is funny like that sometimes.

It’s time to get started on dinner. Tacos? How did you know?



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5 responses to “Love Potion No. 14

  1. He totally loves you for your blondeness 🙂 Plus, taco tuesdays? Whats not to love

  2. Ah, what are traditions but pointless rules that begs to be broken. 😉

    Sweet tribute to your hubby…Happy Valentines Day, Stephanie!

  3. Can you clone him and send one to Michigan? Or one of you in a male version?
    Congrats and many, many more Taco Tuesdays to you both!

  4. Congrats! 14 years is a long time. I’ve been with mine for 11, so we have a ton of those weird reasons we love and tolerate each other…LOL.

    Good for you for rebelling against Hallmark! We don’t need them to tell us WHEN to profess our love and WHAT is acceptable to buy (candy/card/flowers). It’s a corp hallmark holiday for sure!

    Have fun today!

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