Lodi Dodi

Hubs turned Snoop on this morning and I rocked my weight workout to his greatest hits. I’m not sure why, maybe because I grew up just outside of Detroit and we had awesome radio stations, but my sister and I are total music freaks. We are in love with music. In particular, I love me some classic rock. And then there is (classic) gangsta rap. I can’t get enough. Tu Pac? Bring it. Biggie? Yup. Dr. Dre? You can’t forget about him. Wu-tang? In concert (caveat: they opened for Rage). NWA? Not just a defunct airline. The list goes on…I’ve been known to bust it in the car like Michael Bolton in Office Space.

So back to Snoop. Turns out, I married a guy who also loves him some gangsta rap (thank god!). We used to pour some out for our homies on the weekends, you know, to celebrate. In college I was also known to join in on Phat 40 Night. You know, get a 40 oz. of some kind of nastay beer and drink it out of the paper bag it came in (or in my case, do your best until it gets all warm and gross then hand it off to someone else). Classy. A good friend of mine always got Colt .45 because, hey, there’s an extra 5 in it. That’s how she rolled. We like to have a good time.

La Di Da Di, we likes to party.

These days, we’re a little more refined in the way we celebrate and have fun in general–a good thing. We had dinner with our friends last week at Waterloo & City to celebrate our friend’s recent job promotion. The meal was surprisingly good but I must admit: everything I ate had some truffle oil on it. How can you go wrong with all that truffle business?

You can’t.

Our friends, A and E split a Caesar salad and then had the chicken for 2. It was enormous. They took most of it home but said they really enjoyed it.

Caeser salad wrapped in a crouton and topped with an egg. Pretty cool.

Panzanella salad for the chicken dinner.

Chicken and frites for two (but it could have fed at least 4).

I got the sunchoke soup with a piece of bacon (that I gave to hubs) and truffle oil. For my main I got a salad with truffle vinagarette.

Sunchoke soup with a bacon floater and swirled with truffle oil.

Salad with raddichio, watercress, burratta and truffle vinagarette.

The burratta was like buttah. Eaten with the truffle vinagarette was pretty heavenly. I barely shared my dish.

Hubs ordered the wild mushroom truffle pizza to share (SO good!) then went way outside his normal ordering schema and got the Sea Bass. Wtf? Who is this man anyways? I was so proud of him for venturing outside of the usual. Granted, there was chorizo in this particular dish but still. Turns out it was good that the chorizo was there because the fish was not fantastic.

Wild mushroom pizza with truffle. A party in my mouth.

Sea bass with chorizo, mushroom and artichoke. The meh dish of the night.

I think we’d both consider trying this restaurant again. It wasn’t nearly as ‘too cool for school’ vibed than I thought it would be. And that was refreshing for this homie.

Yeah, tic toc and you don’t stop and to the ah, tic toc and you don’t quit…beeeyotch!

Hopefully this will help extract the song from constant replay in my head. How do you get songs out of your mind?

Bundled up in my new digs.

Don’t I look totally gangsta in my snow-wear?

Guess where we’re going? It’s a bit of a secret but I can’t wait to tell you all about it!



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4 responses to “Lodi Dodi

  1. I wish I knew how to get songs out of my head!
    Teaching is the worst for it-because I sing such stupppid songs all day. And then am left with lyrics like “we can help each other out/we’re friends without a doubt!” in my head for HOURS.

  2. Hardcore sistah! I grew up in dirty south Louisiana, so of course I listened to my fair share of master P, along with Snoop and plenty of 2Pac, Wu Tang, etc back in the day. I have a rap preset in my car for when I get in the mood for it, which is fairly often I must admit……AND I have a 10in speaker in my trunk. Yep, oh yes I do… Trust me, you DONT see that anywhere else around here in Dallas. I have no shame! 😛

    Look at you mrs. fancypants still eating with her refined tongue! That 10 course meal really spoiled ya rotten huh? hehe. j/k of course!!

  3. Are you coming to Indiana? LOL! It’s actually 65 here today!!!! With snow!!!

    Truffle pizza…that just sounds sinful.

  4. I’m totally down with rap, something that ends up surprising most people. Maybe it was living in Detroit for a bit, but whatever…I dig it.
    And I might have an idea where you’re going, although you had better bring your ice scraper, too…;)

    P.S. I have never had anything “truffle” unless it’s chocolate, a completely different beast.

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