Start Spreading the News

No, we’re not leaving today. And we’re not going to New York. But I do have some big news. Our most recent trip to Traverse City wasn’t exactly for the hell of it. We had business to take care of.

Since the summer, I have been recruited by a hospital in Traverse City to start a new office for them. They want me to do what I’ve done here in L.A. for them in T.C. We have been talking for months and I got to sign the final contract while we were there last weekend. The fact that it was just named a top 50 hospital in America makes me feel pretty secure in this decision.

Don’t get me wrong—this isn’t all sparkles and rainbows. This is also terrifying in so many ways. We’ve lived in L.A. for 11 years and I’ve gotten used to the weather and a laid-back kind of lifestyle.

Going out to get the paper on a sunny Saturday morning.

My friends and colleagues are here. Hell, my sister is here (although I’m hoping to change that…).  And don’t get me started on the food here.

I’ve also gotten used to my house. We’ve owned our home since 2007 and to say that it’s become an emotional component of life is to downplay its significance. So while signing the contract was great, it still felt abstract.

This is what is making it completely real for me: 

Our realtor has an unfortunate name.

We chose our realtor not for his name but because he sold the house across the street in one day (I shit you not). To say we have high hopes that this will go smoothly is a vast understatement. But it’s a necessary state of mind for this experience I think.

What are we trading in our quaint neighborhood that is close to the beach for?

It's not an ocean but it is a Great Lake.

Our new view.

 We found this property online and decided that we’re going to build our dream home. I’m sure this will evolve as the plans unfold as I’m not quite sure what I mean by ‘dream home.’ I do know this: it’s gonna be good. We chose our architect before we stepped foot on the property and met him last weekend. He is a great match for us and has done some really wonderful LEED certified/’green’ homes in and around the area. Check out his stuff.

So start the insanity engines! This is going to be a crazy race. We are planning the big move for early June—just in time to enjoy the fabulous Traverse City Farmer’s Market and the long beautiful days of summer.



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7 responses to “Start Spreading the News

  1. Wow! Looks like you have jumped on my insanity bandwagon. Welcome aboard! Very funny how you are about to go through the same thing.

    We hope to sell by June as well AND had our house since 07. Are you copying me? I’m onto you now, fyi. 😛 Actually we decided that whenever the house sells, we’re leaving, even if it’s before the school year is up. If we don’t sell before, then we’re leaving in June either way. Yes, crazy indeed. But the boy is ok with it, so all systems go at this point.

    Congrats having the courage to make such a life changing experience. I’m so excited for you! I see great things in the future for both of us! 🙂

    • It’s wild, isn’t it? When I read what you were up to I couldn’t believe the similarties. And yes: great things for us both!

      P.S. If I ever have a kid, I hope he’s as cool as your boy 🙂

      • oh hahaha! Thank you. I really lucked out with him. He was an easy baby and has been ever since. He’s starting to get a little teenager-ish attitude, but I can still whip him (figuratively speaking lol) into shape when I need to. For now anyway. 😀 I think its his little hormones probably going haywire. Poor thing will be going through some big changes in the next year or so.

        Anyway, I know you said your sister is there. It will be hard to leave her. What about your parents?

      • I don’t envy the idea of having a teenager. Hormones suck!

        My parents and my husband’s parents are both in Michigan so that will be really nice.

  2. How exactly and what a great view! Change can be good and it’s really what you make of it. I love where I live now although I do miss myfamily 😦 I’m so excited for you!!

    Peter Pitts Buhahaha!!!

  3. Yay! Now you can use your hand as the state of Michigan and show people where TC is on the “mitten.” Actually, I don’t even really know where GR is, but whatever. Yay! I might actually have to go to TC this summer 😉

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