That’s how much I paid for my post-Valentine’s Day box of chalk-like conversation hearts. I always get the feeling that they were made like 2 decades ago and have just been waiting around for someone like me to buy them. My el-cheapo box included such cool “conversations” as:

Missing the 4 but I like this phrase better anyway.

My, my! These things have gotten saucy over the years! Actually, I much prefer these more adult poorly edited hearts to the perfectly square-sounding hearts.

I guess if I ever have kids I’ll have to buy this holiday crap on time. But for now I love getting the 75% off day-after Halloween candy corn, Cadbury egg and, of course, my chalky Valentine’s hearts. I’ll gladly pay 12 cents for nostalgia.



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2 responses to “$0.12

  1. Oh yes. After holidays is definitely the best time to buy…esp after Halloween and Easter!

    hehe..jump me. cute

  2. It would take more than a chemical-laden chalky heart for me to jump anyone, but those little chocolate Cadbury eggs that come in the purple bag (not the gross kind with a “yolk,” mind you) are a different story. I would jump just about anything for those, which can make spotting them in the grocery store on sale a bit uncomfortable for others.

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