They Call Me Grumpelstiltskin

By “They” I really mean “He.” He is my husband of course. Poor guy. Sometimes I wake up like a grumpy old bear. Sometimes for no particular reason and sometimes there is the obvious. Like this morning.

7am on the dot. These boys are ready to rock.

At precisely 7:00am, approximately 2 minutes before my alarm, I woke up to the sound of machines, fragments of Spanish and my house sort of vibrating. How could I not be at least slightly grumpy, right? Apparently, I did not hide my grumple-ness very well because before I knew it, hubs was calling me Grumpelstiltskin. It’s not the first time, believe me. Truth be told: he was right. I was damn grumpy!

Luckily, as the day wore on, I shed my grumple mood (likely because it is Friday, thank god) and enjoyed a few bright moments of happiness. Like finishing with my patients and my paperwork for the week. Like getting an acupuncture treatment. And like seeing that my boys made it past their first round in a big way. We spanked the Vols 75-45! Go Blue!!

How do you de-grumpify yourself?



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3 responses to “They Call Me Grumpelstiltskin

  1. Kath (My Funny Little Life)

    Grrrrr, I’ve lived on a building site for about half a year when my neighbor above me was renovating his apartment and the attic completely. I hated it! šŸ˜¦ Usually, it helps me to do something that involves some kind of physical activity and fresh air to get rid of the grumpiness, like walking (quickly), running, etc.

    • I find that like you, I always feel a little (or a lot!) better after I get outside and move around. Getting away from the noise is SO nice šŸ™‚

  2. Oh how I hate construction noise!! You had a good reason to wake up grumpy. Were they playing music too? hahaha…those tunes will wake ya right on up! At least it’s always happy sounding music.

    I’m always better after coffee and food. If I dont eat I’m super grumpy. Unfortunately my husband is also always the one to suffer the consequences of my foul moods. He knows when not to mess with me though…going on 11 years he better. hehe

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