1 for 2…again

As you might know, the Hubs and I love to watch (and play) tennis. The Australian Open was a fantastic experience that just fueled our fire to watch more. As you also may know, I am quite fond of a one Mr. Roger Federer and Hubs is all for team Rafa. Not that we dislike the other but we have our favorites and when they play each other it’s on. But when our guys (as we fondly refer to them) are up against other players, we root for whoever’s “guy” is out there. We thought in Australia that we might get lucky and see both of our guys win a match. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Fed put on a good smackdown show for us. But poor Rafa. He limped around the court while Ferrer made quick work of him.

So when we found out that we could get tickets for the men’s semi-finals at the Indian Wells tournament in the desert we both secretly hoped we would see both of our guys in action (and of course, win). By some crazy twist of fate, they both made the semis and weren’t playing each other. Aha! Redemption for us. We were in high hopes of a win-win, 2 for 2 kind of situation.

We got there a few minutes late after about a 2 hour drive to see Rafa being held down by del Potro.

Nadal v del Potro

I gotta say. Del Potro is a force to be reckoned with. The man is a beast and when he’s on, the man is ON.

Juan Martin del Potro. He is massive.

It honestly didn’t look too good for Rafa in the first set but something clicked in and Nadal went on a run to eventually win the match.  I’ve definitely decided that Nadal has signed some kind of contract that he must take his shirt off at some point while he is on the court. At the end of the match he was getting busy stripping his shirt off before he would be interviewed on court. I’d love to say that it’s sexy but honestly, for me, it just seems a tad creepy. But in any case: one down, one to go.

Obligatory "we're at another tennis match" photo

We were feeling pretty hopeful at this point and after a quick lunch break we sat back down to enjoy a tense match between my man, Fed, and the seemingly crowd fave, Djokovich. I’m not a huge fan of the “Joker” but I’ve got to give the man credit: he is one hell of a player.

"The Joker" warming up.

Fed had a tough time with him despite playing brilliantly.

Fed warming up.

The Joker was just too damn good. He’s actually quite amazing to watch (save for the whining that is not infrequent when he has a mis-hit). No 2 for 2 that day. I’m sure we’ll try again but I’m beginning to think that Fed has been at the top so long that he might be on a decline at this point. He is still a genius player but the younger guys are coming up with points that are over the top even for Roger.

Despite the 1 for 2 outcome, it was still a good day. And considering that it was crappy and rainy in L.A. that day and we got 70 and loads of sunshine, it was totally worth it.

Sometimes getting out of dodge is just what the doctor ordered.



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4 responses to “1 for 2…again

  1. What a cute picture of you guys! Love your hair!! Wish I could pull off a short ‘do like that.

    I don’t watch tennis, but I play. Well I like to pretend I can play. If I go back and forth with my husband like 3 times then thats a success….lol. I would like to think that part of the problelm is my racket. My forearm KILLS me the next day…does that mean it’s too heavy??

    My husband is actually pretty decent, but I’m awful. I’d love to be good at it because its so fun when we go back and forth a couple times. I already told him that one day I’d like to take lessons.

    • Thanks, lady!

      Your racket might be a tad too heavy. What kind do you use? I love playing tennis and use it for intense stress relief. Nothing like smashing the crap out of the ball. Who cares if it’s in?!? I’ve taken lessons before and they can be really fun 🙂

  2. I hate to burst your bubble, but Federer will most likely not be making a stop in Michigan any time soon 😉 And as much as I love Rafa, I don’t get why anyone takes their shirt off to be interviewed (or bites trophies, but whatever.)

    I second the fact that your hair is super cute. Super cute, I say!

    • Don’t worry: there was never any bubble to burst 🙂 But Michigan is pretty close to NYC and I’ve never been to the U.S. Open….oh no. The wheels are turning. Feel like going on a tennis trip?

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