Another Year Bites the Dust

I’m an Aries. But I was supposed to be a Pisces. The thing was, according to my Mom, I wasn’t ready to come out into the world yet. I guess I’m just stubborn like that.

In honor of being stubborn, for many years now, I have refused to work on my birthday. This is my national holiday. So I took the day off. You might wonder: what fun stuff does she planned? Glad you asked.

My day off starts with asking Hubs to go out and grab the paper (I usually get it on Thursday mornings. Routines, anyone?). Then I liesurely read the paper, sip my Tazo Awake tea and eat a breakfast of greek yogurt with minced banana and dates folded in then sprinkled with cinnamon and unsweetened cocoa and topped with strawberries. From there I’ll putz around a bit (write a post) and eventually pull on my running duds and go jog around my ‘hood. After lunch (likely a baked sweet potato with tahini, veggies and an apple), I’ll meet up with my good friend G and her baby A for a couple of hours of shopping and talking. Probably mostly yakking but we’ll see.

Then I’ll come home by way of a grocery store (one of my favorite places to go) and pick up a few things (or just look). At some point I’ll talk to my parents and we’ll go through our usual dance. Mom: do you remember where you were on this day 35 years ago? Me: not really. Mom: you didn’t want to come out (laughter) but when you finally did, Dad and I were so happy. Dad: Happy Birthday, sweetie. Me: I love you guys. My parents are totally cute and I definitely still feel like their little girl. Not so much the married for over a decade mid-30 year-old woman that I really am.

Then it’s time to  get ready for my date with my husband. He’s taking me to a dance program that I’ve been excited about since reading about it in the paper several months ago.

Nederlands Dans Theater

We may go out to dinner but I wouldn’t put it past me to request a homemade grilled cheese sandwich before we leave instead of doing the more traditional, let’s find a restaurant, kind of dinner. Maybe there will be some Yogurtland involved at some point.

For me, this is a pretty great day off. I think as I get older, I prefer the simpler things to the extravagent. Spending time with people I love (and including some time to myself) and a little grocery shopping is perfect for my national holiday.

What do you love to do on your birthday? And fess up: how old do you really feel?



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10 responses to “Another Year Bites the Dust

  1. Happy Birthday!
    I spent a solid decade of my life with people thinking I was 18 (ages 13-23). I got really really sad when people stopped thinking I was in high school, not going to lie.
    I think right now I feel about as old as I am (25). Except when people my age have babies. I feel like I’m still WAY too young to do that!

    • Thanks, Kalin! I feel the same way. My friends are actually on round two of the baby making at this point and I feel way too young to have a kid. Sometimes I get carded at the store or a restaurant and I make sure to thank the person profusely. They usually look at me like I’m a freak and then they find out how old I am and sometimes they’ll say things like “good job” or “you look way younger than that.” Which is kinda nice.

  2. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Stephanie!!! I hope you have a great time tonight (and all day!). Love me some grocery shopping too. Go and browse every aisle til you pretty little birthday girl hearts content. And since it’s your birthday go grab that yogurt, but don’t forget the cake!

    Simpler is definitely better as I get older. I’d be perfectly content to lay around on my couch all day with my boys on my birthday, but they like to spoil me by taking out to eat and cake and a gift, so what ever makes them happy works for me. 🙂

    Enjoy the dance!

  3. Happy Birthday! Have fun and a grilled cheese sounds wonderful!

    I feel 25. I love just hanging out with my family on my birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday! You were holding out on us!!!
    I am the same way about my birthday, although I don’t like to make a big deal out of it and prefer not to do anything big and exciting (go figure-the one day a year when I would have permission to be selfish.)
    Your day sounds perfect, although I would have to bulk up the meals a bit and add in a trip to the Health Food store with someone that would feed my habit for my “special” day.
    How old do I feel? I have no idea, as I only have the past to compare it to, and that was all a blur 😉 Mentally I’m an old soul, but emotionally I can be a child. Not sure what that means…

    • I have that same kind of combo going on. I’m definitely an old soul but can be very juvenile at times (or most of the time if you ask my husband). Most days I feel 19 at best. Time goes by too fast!

  5. Kath (My Funny Little Life)

    Happy birthday, Stephanie! 😀 😀 😀 This sounds lovely, and I think traditions like that are very imortant for well-being. 🙂 I used to celebrate my birthday with my family (when I still lived in northern Germany) quite the same way every year: My parents waked me in the morning and took me down to my birthday table where I opened some presents before I went to school. In the afternoon, we had tea and cake (my birthday is in November, so no sitting in the garden) and just spent time together. Now, living 600 km away, I usually go out for drinks with my handful of dearest friends. I totally prefer simplicity and quality time with the people I love over doing something extravagant.

    • Thanks, Kath!

      Your comment reminded me of my brief month-long stay in Germany now almost 10 years ago. I worked at a really cool klinik in St. Goar. What a beautiful area. We are planning another trip for 2012. What town are you in?

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