The Importance of Ink, Paper and Good Penmanship

One of my mantras seems to be “Old fashioned and loving it!” I can’t seem to get into things like iphones, twitter or rapid/rabid texting. Sometimes I feel like I’m one of the Golden Girls. At least I don’t live in Florida I guess. Well, not yet anyway.

Thank you for bein' a friend.

So I was head over heels ecstatic to come home and find a note sent from my m.i.l. She found this when she was looking through some things and said that we’d get the original when she “becomes senile or croaks.” Slightly morbid but I’ve come to realize that she’s just trying to be funny. Sort of.

Like old chums...

Apparently, hubs had a homework assignment to write a letter to the POTUS.  In 1988. Some of my favorite things about this letter with my commentary in italics:

“Nancy’s looking good.” ew

“Rambo would show Oscar Arias what he can do with his peace plan.” wtf?

“We played the theme from the Cosby Show and some other songs.” What kind of elementary school band plays the Cosby Show theme? jealous

“Hope the rest of your terms a blast.” From what people are saying now, I’m not sure ol’ Ron Ron was too cognizent of the rest of his term.

“Politically yours,” obvious and hilarious

This, my friends, is why we need to preserve handwriting. Down with computers! Well, not really but you catch my drift. I told you I was an old woman trapped in a young woman’s body. It’s ok. I’m used to it by now.

Even at a young age my  husband was quite the stinker. Too smart for his own good I tell ya! This letter prompted him to tell me a story. Apparently, in 3 grade, he was assigned a book report. While other kids were writing on Amelia Bedelia, he was writing about  The Two Towers by J.R.R. Tolkien.  To this day he still sort of scoffs at his poor classmates and their pathetic book reports. I can only hope that if we ever have a kid that (s)he will be as smart/quirky/ridiculous/curious as my husband.

Now I’m curious. Who out there writes in cursive?

Myself? I’m a printer all the way. And at this stage, it’s barely legible. A job hazard (or requirement?) for me.



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12 responses to “The Importance of Ink, Paper and Good Penmanship

  1. Love this!

    And I write in cursive…sort of. I have some sort of bastardized combination of print and cursive that has, at best, been described as “sort of legible.” I can read it, so I don’t see what everyone else’s problem is 🙂 If I write in print, I write in all-caps. I don’t know why.

  2. Yay to notes found from when you were little! 🙂
    Considering I work for a stationery magazine, I kind of have to value the written word, but I would anyway 🙂 But like you, I’m pretty sure I’m destined to fall off the face of the earth soon due to the fact that I hate technology (minus e-mail) and refuse to Tweet and all those time-sucking things that I don’t want to know how to do. The Internet is bad enough 😉 I am old. You are old. At least we can be old together, ironically, through our blogs.

    Anyway, I do write cursive! I think it’s because it’s less work than actually picking up the pen every letter, but still…I do both, but mostly cursive.

    • I’m so glad you understand my oldness through your own. Maybe sometime we’ll be old together in person….if we don’t fall off the face of the earth due to lack of tweetage, etc., first 🙂

  3. I totally write in cursive! I love the “politically yours”. Priceless. My mom has always said I’m like an 80 year old living in a young person’s body. Maybe because my ideal night is watching jeopardy and having a nightcap?

  4. I write in cursive sometimes. My hand writing changes every day with every pen. Hell, even on the same page it’ll look different comparing the top to the bottom!

    I’m pretty old fashioned myself. In bed by 10:30pm most night and definitley a morning person. I like to read and cross-stitch, drink coffee, watch the news…and grocery shop. This old granny is about to start walking some trails soon and turn into an outdoorsy granny in CO. Can’t wait!

  5. Oh and just FYI, last night for a couple hours I was humming “thank you for being a friend” after reading your post.

    I dont appreciate that very much…. j/k lol, but it really was stuck in my head!

  6. Okay. This is it. I’m keeping a journal again. Not an online one, but a handwritten one. I’ve always wanted to but pushed it off because typing is so much more convenient…but I LOVE keeping my handwritten stuff. I have a stack of handwritten novels and journals back home.

    Your husband is funny, even as a child. Hee! And nope, don’t write in cursive.

  7. Kath (My Funny Little Life)

    Hahaha, I love it! 😀

    I feel quite old-fashioned myself. I still grew up without the internet (I was 20 when I was online for the first time), and it took me a while to get used to it. While I absolutely love it now, I don’t like how it speeds up our lives into infinity. Twitter is nothing for me, and I don’t have internet on my mobile. (I don’t even use my mobile for phoning, I just have it for emergency and use it as a watch otherwise.) I like when I’m not attainable all the time.

    Hand writing is lovely and a wonderful storage for memories. My mom still has stories and pictures I wrote / drew when I was little, and it’s nice to get them out and have a look at them now.

  8. Hey Steph! Haven’t seen you around and wanted so see how you were doing with the move/house selling/etc. Any progress?? Take care! ~Ashley

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