Snippets and Such

Wow! It’s been a while. Where the hell have I been? Thanks for asking.

Last weekend we went down to San Diego for a medical conference. I suppose some of the lectures were helpful but I have such a hard time sitting still now for longer than an hour and am constantly challenged when faced with forced networking. We did, however, eat some damn delicious Thai food while we were there. We ordered the most delicious curry I’ve ever had: green curry with chicken and avocado. Avocado you ask? Me, too. Seemed an odd combo but in actuality, it heightened the dish to new levels for me. Chunks of avocado swimming in glorious green curry with veggies and chicken. I didn’t manage to get a picture of the curry but I did take a snap of our lovely green papaya salad. So spicy yet so refreshing.

Green papaya salad: spicy, sweet and so good.

We also had fresh spring rolls, bean curd stir fry and a ton of brown rice. We pigged out and there was still enough leftover (and then some) for lunch the next day.

We got home late on Sunday and I had a quick and jam-packed three days of work before we had to head back to Michigan. Wednesday night was an awesome blur of dinner, packing and just to make it more fun, bagging up any and all food products so we could have our house “tented” while we were away. That’s a nicer way of saying fumigated or bombed for bugs. I didn’t get to see the tent part but this is what it typically looks like:

Like the circus in town.

To bag the food we had these enormous clear plastic bags and were instructed to double bag and tie them off in a special way. Things started to look like this:

Part of the pantry all bundled up.

Pre-bomb fridge bagging.

The middle shelf wasn’t bagged because those were our lunch stuffs for the plane the next day.

I’ve got no other transition here but to say that Chicago O’Hare airport sucks my ass. It really does. There was “patchy fog” when we rolled in from L.A. and our 2 hour layover turned into almost 4 hours. We finally got into Traverse City close to 10pm at night. When we got to the brew pub for dinner, we were advised that the only food options were apps and pizza. I wanted neither. My poor husband. For the entire day prior to the trip, I talked about getting the black bean veggie burger and that was all that I wanted. I almost started to cry. The waiter said, “Is that a problem?” I had no words and could only look to Hubs. He told the waiter that I was really hoping to have the veggie burger and is there any way to coax the chef to cook one for me?

The patchy fog opened up and out came a ray of light! They would cook me a veggie burger! And even better, they’d be willing to let me have my salad with that instead of the fries and dressing on the side by the way. I am so annoying but I can’t help it. It was the best damn burger I’ve had in ages. Thank you North Peak Brewery! Fun fact: the stout there is named after our realtor’s husband. I am not even kidding. And by the way, the stout is absolutely delicious.

We met with our architect and worked on finalizing some house building details. We also met with our realtor who showed us some home rental options for the 9 or so months we’ll be without a home while we are building. The whole thing is just so surreal. We also found out that this place has some decent Mexican food. It’s shocking how much I know and love Mexican food now having lived so long in L.A., considering I grew up thinking that Mexican food is what they served at Chi-Chi’s. Union Cantina was packed and we were starving but really it wasn’t half bad.

My bowl of tortilla soup.

Hubs' cup of chili.

Chips and actually pretty tasty guac.

My plate: beans, pico de gallo and (unpictured) corn tortillas.

Hubs' plate: rice, beans and tamales.

I think next time I’d just get the soup and some guac ‘n chips and be done with it. They have Dragon’s Milk stout on tap there as well so of course I would get that again. It’s almost as good as liquid gold!

Another night we hit up a personal fave of mine: Poppycock’s. I usually order the same thing every time but I busted out of my rut and instead of the quinoa greek salad, I went out on a limb and got the TC Cobb salad. I know! I’m super crazy. In any case, the salad was fantastic and after donating the bacon to a certain pig-lovin’ man I know, I pretty well ate the entire plate.

Cobb salad.

I will be ordering that baby again. I also had a cup of their delicious house tomato soup that I like so much I actually emailed them in February trying to get them to divulge their recipe. They declined. But I’ll find a way just give me some time.

We got back to L.A. late last night and I gotta say there is no place like home for sleeping in your own bed. I know I slept well because of the enormous drool spot on my pillowcase. Gross. I’m doing laundry as I type this.

There is no place like home. I’m looking forward to moving to my new city and making my new home. 

What’s your favorite thing about being home? 

Besides my bed, it’s got to be cooking dinner.



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6 responses to “Snippets and Such

  1. You were in Michigan again? I think you’ve already eaten in more Michigan restaurants than I have, and it all looks delicious. I hope you were here when it was super warm on Sunday, because now they’re predicting 30s again for this weekend. The swings are so bipolar it’s crazy 😉

    What else is crazy is the whole tenting thing. That would kind of freak me out, but you gotta do what you gotta do. As for traveling, I love my own shower and the first meal at home, usually because I’m totally sick of eating out at that point and just want “normal.”

    • That was our last trip to Michigan before the big move so we looked for a home rental and got some stuff finalized. We did get to enjoy that 75 degree Sunday. It was actually warmer in Michigan that day than it was in LA. Go figure.

      Even though the restaurants are great, I get really sick of eating out after a few days and am so happy to be back cooking for myself and of course sleeping in my own bed is fantastic. I’m opting not to think of the whole tenting thing…as if it never happened. It’s just too gross.

  2. The worse thing about O’Hare is if you DON’T have a bit of a layover and you have to make a flight at the other side of the airport…good think Mike and I can run.

    Yeah Michigan! At least you can enjoy some sort of summer before winter hits. You’ll get used to the seasons again and Christmas will feel better. We for real need to do a meet half way thing sometime!!!

  3. Oh and I totally drool too.

  4. I love that walking-in-the-door after vacation feeling. I don’t know that I could narrow it down to one specific thing, it’s more that feeling.

    And yum, all your eating out looks delicious. I love tamales and have not had any in way too long. O’Hare is the home of the devil.

  5. I can so much relate to the difficulty to sit still in a lecture and strategically socialize. These things challenge me all the time.

    Things I love at home include my bed, my grand piano, my bathtub, and my kitchen. Pretty much my whole apartment, as you can see. I’m a homebody. 🙂

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