G-3 Goodbye Dinner

Sunday night we were invited to our friends’ home for what will likely be the first in a string of goodbye dinners. I almost always have anxiety about going out somewhere to eat and will obsess for days about it. However, when we go to this particular house for dinner, I never have to worry. Our hostess has done training in holistic nutrition and is mainly vegetarian. She even cooks as part of her business: Great Greens & Grains.

We started with cocktails and some apps (unpictured bread, cheese, fruit and salmon canapes) and eventually moved to the table for a fantastic dinner.

Enormous vegetarian platter.

Wild rice with pistachio and dried cranberries.


My plate: asparagus, salad, chickpeas, potato, egg and beets.

She even made a special dessert (her husband’s favorite according to him).

Lemon tart with raspberries, mint and whipped cream.

 Delicious! This woman can cook. I’m truly going to miss seeing them and eating her wonderful meals.

Hubs also used the dinner to present the guys he works with their long-awaited Christmas presents. In their biz, they work on these deals for what can be years and when the deal is finally complete, many times they will receive “deal toys.” It’s like a little fun reminder of the case. They didn’t get one in this particular case so Hubs thought it would be cool to design the toys and have them made for his co-workers. They were surprised and just plain happy.

The boys with their toys.

It’s hard to move away from people you’ve grown to really care about. Here’s hoping that it won’t be our last dinner with them. I’m preferring to look at this situation not so much as goodbye, but rather, see you later.



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8 responses to “G-3 Goodbye Dinner

  1. It’s funny but I was just thinking about goodbyes today, and how at the time when the person leaves you feel like you’ve got a hole in your life, but then you get over it pretty quickly. Humans adapt fast. Not that we’ll forget about that person or people, but just that it doesn’t hurt as much as we think it will.

    Or maybe it’s because it’s a digital, flat world age right now…?

    • I think it’s a whole lot easier now to stay in touch with people and feel connected because of technology. But you’re right, humans adapt and sometimes we adapt rather quickly.

  2. Leaving is never really an end, and it is sad–but it’s also such a great opportunity to ADD to the past, not leave it behind.

    That said, can I go over to your friend’s for dinner?? That wild rice looks AMAZING

  3. Ohhh, how I just went there and done that. 🙂 The process really sucked. Mostly because it felt awkward for me. The whole ‘good bye’ thing was just really strange. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. I just felt really uncomfortable trying to tell people bye and doing the whole ‘we’ll keep in touch’ with people that you know damn well you (AND them) don’t plan on doing. Of course a lot of them were genuine good bye’s too. I’m so glad to be done with that.

    You’re getting close though. When is your moving day?

    • I think we are looking at June 15 for our moving date but we haven’t exactly nailed it down yet (hence some continued and mounting anxiety).

      I’m looking forward to saying the goodbyes and getting settled in our new place.

  4. I need to find a friend that cooks like that…
    And goodbyes are always sad, but there are also a lot of “hellos” and “can’t wait to see you agains” on the other side 😉

  5. Food fear is a constant companion when going somewhere to eat, and I’m used to obsess during the days before. 😉 But isn’t it great when you have people you just get along well with, and these things aren’t a problem at all, all of a sudden?

    “See you later” is a good thought. 🙂

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