Weekend Wedding

 This past Saturday we headed out to Temecula, California for a friend’s wedding. The drive was long and painful but we arrived in “wine country” (or BFE as another guest at the wedding called the area) with some time to spare.

At the winery before the ceremony.

Our friend and his bride are a gorgeous couple and put together an intimate gathering at a winery for their ceremony and reception.  The ceremony itself seemed a tad cursory but I’m not one to complain about a quick wedding.

First kiss as Mr. and Mrs.

While the bridal party took pictures, we headed over for cocktails and apps. I found the perfect spot underneath a heat lamp to hang out and munch on some fruit. I suck because I also took a furtive photo of this lady.

Cocktails and a celebrity. Mrs. Arnold Schwarzenegger and her daughter.

I’m not usually much of a star-f*cker but there’s something about that Kennedy family that is just so damn intriguing. I wasn’t surprised that they didn’t stay for dinner but it was so nice of them to come for the ceremony and cocktail hour.

We finally got the nod to head into the reception area for dinner. We sat down to this menu:

The fancy menu.

Usually wedding food is the total pits, but the food here was actually pretty decent. The main dish was tasty and I didn’t leave the party starving.

My entree plate: steak, chicken, asparagus and a polenta stack with squash.

We stayed for a few dances and around 9pm we turned into pumpkins. We’re old. But we wanted to go home and sleep in our own bed so we didn’t stay overnight. We were home and in jammies munching on popcorn by 11pm.

Although I didn’t expect a great social experience given that we only knew the groom well and had met his bride only once before, the people at our table were actually kind of fun and interesting. I love when that happens.

Is it just me or are you also fascinated with the Kennedy family?



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2 responses to “Weekend Wedding

  1. First of all, you two are too damn cute.
    Second, you have very fancy friends.
    Third, I admit there is something very “Camelot” about the Kennedy family (see what I did there?) Ha. Anyway, I am much more intrigued by them than the royal family. A neighbor of ours was in the Secret Service and was assigned to the Kennedy family right after the assassination. He has incredible stories.

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