Enjoy the Silence

I still set my alarm clock for 7am during the work week. But I don’t have to. I haven’t really needed to do that for the last couple of months. Why, pray tell? Thanks for asking. It’s because every morning, Monday through Friday at precisely 6:59am, I am woken up by the lulling sounds of jack hammering, trucks idling, sawing and Spanish being spokenWhy can’t I stop setting the damn alarm? It’s like I’m setting myself up to be irritable and crabby every.single.day. But somehow I can’t lay off the clock. What if they don’t work one day?

Well, if that happened, I’d gladly oversleep and enjoy some morning silence. And really, it’s never totally quiet here. I can hear airplanes taking off all night long. It used to stop around 10pm but for the last several years the planes fly all the time. Some mornings we can smell jet fuel. This is one reason we are getting the hell out of here.

When we first moved into our house over 7 years ago, we had neighbors to the left and an empty lot to our right (if you’re facing the street). We liked the feel of some open space next to us. Not too long ago, someone bought up this land that the gas company used to own and have been putting up these enormous, god awful homes. I’m talking 4,000 sq. ft. houses on 5,000 sq. ft. lots. This means that the house that is going up next to us is all of 6 feet from our home.

It also means that our once terrifically sunny courtyard has been eclipsed by this monster:

A permanent shadowing of our courtyard.

 It doesn’t even feel like our house anymore it’s such a contrast. And while the construction initially went from 7am (ahem, 6:59am) until about 3:30pm, it is now going on well past 6:00pm. They are working still as I’m typing this (7:02pm, people). But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

Thankfully we are heading to my favorite place on the planet in t-minus 4 days. I’m going to soak up the sun and bathe in the peacefulness of birds chirping and the water lapping in Maui. The thought of life without perpetual pounding is about the only thing keeping me sane at this point.

I’ve now got the Depeche Mode song playing over and over in my head. No fault but my own.



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6 responses to “Enjoy the Silence

  1. Maui? Amazing.

    And why do people even WANT to build a house that’s two feet away from another? I’ll never understand. I’m sorry you’ve lost a beautiful sunny spot 😦

    • People seem to want ginormous houses with no yards. I’m the opposite. Bigger house = more problems! I’ll take more green space any day of the week!

  2. Hawaii is on my wish list ahhhh…..Poo on that view and those dang mexi er…jack hammers.

  3. I think I would sit directly next to the jackhammer for two straight months for the chance to sit directly on the beach in Maui 😉

    You guys are always on the go, go, go! Have fun!

    • We ARE always on the go, go, go. I think that’s why we need vacations like Maui where we literally read like 10 books each and do nothing (although I’m hoping that “nothing” includes watching at least one more Wings game). The hope is that this might change when we move to Michigan and have a less intense pace. I’m kidding myself most likely 🙂

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