Three Ring Circus

Cue the clown music.

Welcome to my life right now. I feel like part of Barnum and Bailey’s but minus any freakish or amazing talents. There’s been a lot of juggling and so far not a whole lot has been dropping. Unless you count this (I do). I’ve been sucky at posting lately. The good news is that the finish line is in view.

Between work, moving, family stuff and then the usual daily crap, I’m left with little time to ponder or pontificate. Which is probably a good thing. Memorial Day weekend was a productive packing holiday.

The living room is turning into box central.

We made some tasty food, too.

Gazpacho drizzled with pumpkin seeds and pumpkin oil.

Salad with mushrooms cooked in sherry, avocado (in lieu of bacon), fennel, onion, terragon and a perfectly cooked soft-boiled egg.

My soft boiled egg looking like pac-man.

Grass fed beef...but more importantly, check out the chicken plate. Oh Anthropologie...

My meal with a small glass of liquid gold beer.

I’ve also had to start saying goodbye to friends. Personally, I’d rather run away and not deal with this aspect of moving. I kinda hate it.

I met my friend J for dinner at K-ZO in Culver City. She wanted sushi and I’m a whore for Japanese food so it all worked out.

My favorite: toro sashimi. How pretty is that with the gold flecks?

Tuna tataki on brown rice crackers. These were SO good.

Seaweed salad with tofu and veggies. Love.

J in a splash of sun.

We also had some sushi and rolls that weren’t all that interesting and honestly, I forgot to take pictures. All in all a fun and tasty meal. We’re planning to meet up one more time before I leave for a bike ride at the beach with her son Dylan. I cannot believe she has a 2 year old. The fact that my friends have kids blows my mind.

Tomorrow we head out to Snowmass, CO to celebrate my s.i.l.’s birthday at the Brewfest. Last year was so much fun we decided to make it an annual affair. I promise a zesty recap upon returning.



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4 responses to “Three Ring Circus

  1. Where do you find your sashimi ingredients? I love raw fish so much.

    I’m guessing you’re at the Brewfest right now….have fun! 🙂

    • Ugh. I apologize for the state of this post. WordPress is f-ing killing me. I’m trying to re-edit to fix it…

      We get sashimi ingredients at Mitsuwa on Culver just north of Venice. They have a pretty good selection.

      And yes, we are at the Brewfest!

  2. What a pretty egg! And I love that plate (and anthropologie in general…can they please start charging less, though??) Good luck with the moving and the goodbyes, never easy!

  3. That salad looks incredible. I can never cook an egg perfectly soft. It’s either got the runny whites, or it’s too hard. Any secrets?

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