Take Two

Last weekend we took off for the Snowmass Chili Pepper and Brewfest.

Ready to rock at the brewfest.

Actually, it was our family’s Second Annual Brewfest–honoring my s.i.l.’s birthday and our mutual love for beer. As we suspected, it was a blast.

The band getting the part-ay started.

The whole gang was back for round two:

B.i.l., me, s.i.l. and hubs.

Still silly after all these years...I confess: my head looks so big in the picture that I made them take another.

There was a surprise plus one this year, too. I wondered if S, the boyfriend, had any idea about what kind of family he would be hanging out with.

S.i.l. and S photo op.

S is one cool dude. But even better? My s.i.l.’s smile. She is so damn happy which makes me happy. Honestly, I dropped the i.l. in my mind a long time ago. The girl’s my sister. And she rocks. That being said, if S hurts her, not only does he have to contend with two very tall, very Scottish-German brothers, but also one feisty Italian-Swedish-German-Welsh sister.

He will terminate you if necessary!

Don't be fooled by his relaxed smile. This man can be ready for a throw-down in mere seconds.

But really, she can fend for herself. I'll tell you the headband story sometime....

That’s right. My s.i.l. is probably the fiercest of their clan. But all three can bust out their super-powers when needed.

While hubs and s.i.l. went back to try the Obama-nator beer (I’m not kidding), b.i.l. and I eyed this little motorized cart. At the time it seemed funny to take a rogue picture in the cart. For me, it still is kinda funny. I’m immature like that.

Going rogue on someone's ass...I'm not sure who but it seemed lawless at the time.

Post brewfest, hubs and I whipped up one of my favorite summer dinners: greek salad (shocking!), grilled chicken and eggplant and homemade white bean hummus. We ate the feast with collard greens and continued with our own beer fest. We played a silly game of jukebox where each person has to continue the mix by picking the next song to play from our vast musical catalogue. I gotta say cudos to S because he wasn’t shy to queue up the gangsta rap. The verdict? S is in. I mean, the man was relaxed and didn’t mind our stupid antics one bit. Like this one:

This bear gets cooler the more beer you drink.

We’re already planning for next year.

There was another nice side effect to the trip as well: distraction. I didn’t get to putter around the house looking for things to pack that I wouldn’t need to use in the next few weeks. What relief!




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2 responses to “Take Two

  1. Sounds like fun! I LOVE festivals! And any festival that is based around drinking gets a thumbs-up in my books 😀

  2. Ohh, sounds like a good time and great distraction! And I like your fam 🙂 But more important question–how was the BEER?!

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