Where in the World is Foodbin Sandiego?

I’ve been out of the loop in many ways for over a week now. On the one hand, it’s kind of liberating to not be following my usual schedule. On the other, it is anxiety provoking for me to be so up in the air in transition right now. Last Tuesday around 5pm I swept up the heinous amount of dust bunnies and dirt in what was our (I had thought clean) home while Hubs took the movers a few blocks west to pack up my office. It was a strange feeling to be in the house by myself with nothing in it but me and a broom. I dropped it at one point and the handle made a huge crashing noise that actually echoed. I’ll admit to rushing the rest of the house cleaning so I could get out of there. It was creepy in a way.

Not my house but not a bad approximation. Well, if you add in the hella dirt.

Tuesday night we returned our rental car and stayed at the Westin LAX with all of the other tourists. I didn’t care for that feeling, either. To soothe ourselves, we ordered from our favorite Thai place one more time and devoured some tasty brown rice with emerald green curry, mixed veggies, papaya salad and spring rolls while watching Master Chef (which, by the way, I’m not a big fan of….cooking should not be so adversarial!).

Wednesday morning, at the ass crack of dawn, we bumbled out of bed and out the door to the airport on a one way flight to NYC.

New York? Wtf?!?

I know. It can’t be a foodbin experience without being totally and completely insane with too many things to do (even if they are exciting).

We got on our Virgin American flight without waiting at the gate (p.s., we like to cut things close with the airport. “We” means my husband). I watched nearly 4 hours of Bravo TV on  the tiny screen in front of me trying to stay somewhat calm. But I knew what was ahead. We landed at JFK 15 minutes early (?!?!), took our niblit carry-ons with us and met our Jamaican driver whom Hubs calls his Lamar Odom. He did look like him I must say. With a Jamaican accent. Lamar drove us in rush hour traffic to a Long Island car dealer.

Back story: I was never the girl who had the dream wedding in mind. I was the girl with the dream car and the 8th grade folder with the emblem to prove it.

We met our dealer, Joe, who showed us the car. We took one spin around the neighborhood, signed the paperwork and drove off to dinner at the pier in this beauty:

2007 metallic blue Targa 4

Wow. This car is a woman and she rocks. We drove the bitch to a Pennsylvania Hampton Inn, crashed for the night then got up Thursday morning and drove her to my very surprised parents. We hadn’t really told anyone we were doing this. I’m a tad supersticious–what if it didn’t work out? Then I’d have to explain and relive the horror over and over again.

But, thankfully, it did work out. I’ve been staying at my parent’s house since last Thursday and tomorrow morning we are finally heading up to our new (rented) home in Traverse City. I won’t bore you with details about turning on this and scheduling that but will say that I toally understand why people do not move. What a hassle!

Tonight I’m making dinner for my Mom who is celebrating her birthday today. She’s 36. Again. I’ve nearly caught up to her at this point. Dinner will be greek salad (shocking!!) with some lump crab meat on top, broccoli and asparagus. It’s what she wanted. Pretty convenient for me if you remember my feelings toward all foods Greek.

So, am I completely nuts? Survey says yes. But I’m happily nuts so it’s worth it.



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4 responses to “Where in the World is Foodbin Sandiego?

  1. Oh my god that car. A 911 is on my dream-car list (nope, can’t narrow that to just one, it’s a list. And a long one at that). I feel like there were other things I was going to comment on. But…Porsche. In the way. Of thoughts.

    And if you’re nuts, I like your nuts. Read that as you will!! Your life adventure sounds amazing right now, I can’t wait to hear more.

  2. Oh yes…that car rocks! Although im sure Mike would take over and not let me drive that one.

    Happy bday to your mom! I’ll be 36 this year also 😉

    Hope all stays well!!

  3. I want that car. And now greek salad 🙂

  4. Have car. Will smoke your ass.
    Love it.

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