Pure Michigan

The moving crew was here to unload our stuff on Friday. Talk about an event. The house we are renting has a very steep driveway and once you’re at the top of it, much to the mover’s chagrin, there is a staircase leading to the house. Talk about burning quads. They started around 10:30am and didn’t leave until 6:00pm. I felt bad for these guys. I know it’s their job, but to do that all day long, just the two of them, was brutal to watch.

So brutal that I took off (in the new baby!) around 11:30am to meet my new acupuncturist. I worked with my prior acupuncturist for 5 years. In that time I had 102 treatments. Needless to say, it was not easy to start with someone new. But Sarah is great and I’m going to try her for a couple of sessions and go from there.

After my treatment, I headed over to my new (and dare I add, better?!) Wholefoods. Oryana is a co-op with all kinds of tasty organic produce. They even have their own in-house tofu. I’m not sure that it’s any cheaper than Wholefoods but it was much easier for me to shop in this space than the cavernous Wholefoods I’d been going to in El Segundo. I wasn’t planning on getting a whole lot but I should have known. I brought one measly bag and ended up needing 5 more. $150 and hours later, I was home. And there was some major unpacking to get to.

This is probably freakish (which wouldn’t be surprising, now would it?), but I kind of enjoyed unpacking. I liked it so much that I busted ass for 9 hours and got nearly everything unpacked. Getting my stuff back in place has really helped me adjust to being back in Michigan. It hasn’t hurt that the weather has actually been extremely pleasant and the surroundings downright gorgeous.

Even though the unpacking was close to done, we still had a bunch of stuff on the to-do list. One of the most important for me? Getting a new BBQ. It’s not like I even use it. My husband does. And he knows that I require a certain amount of grilled vegetables in my life and it had been way too long at this point. We convinced Lowes to deliver our new Q on a Sunday. We stopped by Burritt’s market for some grass fed beef and just caught lake Trout for the feast. Brilliant!

Breaking in the new QOur new universal food product? Tahini. On everything.


I’m still getting used to things and will be for a while but not waking up to the sounds of building, airplanes and mariachi music has been absolutely delightful.

This is a bit different from our last house. Me likey.

I slept close to 11 hours last night. Don’t judge! I’m working on my years of sleep deficit.

The view from our back deck: a forest. Be still my beating heart!

Plus, the only peep I hear at night is crickets. I’ll take crickets over airport noise any day of the week!



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