Like a Dungeon Dragon

If you are watching this season of SYTYCD, you might know what I’m referring to. Or if you aren’t old and out of touch like me, you’d probably know this song. How sad is it that I just now (after googling the song!) know that it is a Nicki Minaj song featuring Eminem. God. I used to pride myself on being in the know about most things music. I still love music but I’m incredibly out of touch. I blame this on satellite radio and my propensity to flip stations until I find something I already know so I can jam out in my car.

Back to the song. I like it for a number of reasons.

The title is cool: Roman’s Revenge. Sweet, right?

The sounds are visceral: Raah, raah (!), like a dungeon dragon.

And this: I remember kids and adults getting overly excited about playing Dungeons and Dragons. (This surely must be a reference to this RPG, right?) And no offense (ok, a little), but those people tended to be classically and  hysterically dorky. I’m the first to admit my dorkiness (um, hello! band camp), but the people who were into this game were way too involved. I liken them to the episode on South Park where the kids were battling this nasty old computer nerd in World of Warcraft.

At least those playing D&D back in the day were playing in person rather than on a computer. But I digress.

If you’ve seen this season of SYTYCD, you might agree that this is by far the best season of dancing they’ve ever had. And I don’t tend to be a fan of Nappytabs’ lyrical hip-hop routines but this song and two amazing dancers totally changed my mind. This is one of the best dances of the season and the best choreography by a duo that I don’t usually love, as I find them too schticky and reliant on props.

Little Red Riding Hood Whomping on the Big Bad Wolf

This season is so outstanding that the husband and I have taken to keeping the episodes on our DVR so we can re-watch some of the dances (and hence, re-critique–we were english majors in college and are pretty adept at the fine art of bullshit critquing) and force family and friends to watch the dances that we are loving. My b.i.l. came up to spend the night this week and, poor guy, didn’t know that he’d be forced to watch almost all of the dances from Wednesday’s episode. We plied him with ice cream and that, in addition to his extreme sleep deprivation from driving all night long, mellowed him enough to tolerate it I think. My m.i.l., on the other hand, was not having any of it. She is a devotee of Dancing with the Stars and called the dances on SYTYCD things like “performance art,” accused them of “not enough partnering,” and complained about there being “too many crotch shots.” My s.i.l. quipped, “you think you’d be used to that in your profession.” My m.i.l. is a recently retired Ob-gyn. Can you see why I love my family?

And now that I’m just getting around to reading the acutal lyrics of this song…wow…read at your own discretion. I warned you it was a visceral song. I think this is my favorite (or least offensive, maybe) lyric:

I ain’t into S&M but my whip’s off the chain

A little drop of candy paint drips off the frame

Twisted ass mind, got a pretzel for a brain

And eraser for a head, f*ckin pencil for a friend

Thoughts on this season of SYTYCD? Maybe you don’t like this show. How about the song?



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4 responses to “Like a Dungeon Dragon

  1. this season is amazing. I loved Melanie at her first audition, but frankly every single person is incredible. The only thing that sort of bothered me was the choreography of the first few episodes. Oh wait, thats not all – Lady GaGa made me press the mute button. But other than that, its amazing.

    • Melanie is fantastic but to be honest, my favorite (dancer!) is Sasha. She is amazing to watch. Lady Gaga at least had some interesting critiques compared to, oh, say, Carmen Electra (wtf?!?). And her boots were ridiculous.

  2. May or may not have dated a D&D player for a few years in high school. I didn’t play myself, but, yeah, still not high on the cool scale 😀 I don’t watch SYTYCD, but DO love some Nicki Minaj. Did I really just admit that in writing? Yup.

  3. April

    I agree this season was GREAT! I liked Sasha the best too but i’m not mad that Melanie won 🙂 She pulled out her inner ghetto girl when it was needed.

    I still have a girl crush on Lauren from S7.

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