We just watched this movie. It was bizarre. You could tell it was originally a play. I don’t usually mind that but here it was clumsy. Probably because it was subtitled and very dialogue-heavy.

But here’s the gist: Woman marries man and man takes over her family’s business. Woman becomes a stay-at-home mom and raises two kids. The kids grow up, become kind of ungrateful while the husband is just a philandering narcissist. Woman gets bored. Writes bad poetry. Husband has a heart attack. Woman takes over. And change takes place. And yes, that is THE Gerard Depardieu. Remember him?  [side note: he is enormous! what happened??]

Have you ever wanted to be a potiche? I guess I never thought about being a trophy wife. Moreso I’ve thought about being a stay-at-home wife. And what I really mean is a wife that does her thing during the day and gets dinner going at night. I might get bored with that at some point but I guess it depends on what my money situation was. If I could go and do pilates and shop at the fancy organic store without a real limit, then bring it on, I say! If it meant me living in a trailer, hand-washing clothing with a cigarette hanging off my lip….then not so much. That probably sounds gross, but whatever. It’s the truth. I don’t mind my job but I love my free time.

Free time lately has been sparse and it’s probably the reason I’m fantasizing about not having to work. I have been cooking though and trying some new things when I can. Behold! Green gazpacho!

Kale based gazpacho with tasty garnishes.

We usually make a ton of gazpacho in the summer. This particular night, we had no tomatoes but it was so hot and we didn’t have a whole lot of options. I basically threw in whatever veggies we had into my Vita-mix (one my best purchases to date–totally cliche, I know, but so true) and hoped for the best. The kale gave it an usual bitter taste but N and I liked it for a change of pace. The sprouted pumpkin seeds and avocado were the tasty garnishes that night.

Soba noodles with ginger, scallions and home grown bean sprouts with spicy green beans.

Cold soba noodles in the summer are incredibly refreshing, not to mention very yummy. And they cook in 4 minutes. Take that Rachel Ray! 30 minutes my ass.

And when all else fails, I employ the DIY dinner. Which, for me, typically means something done with a sweet potato.

An oldie but goodie: sweet potato mess with nature's butter and tahini.

And, of course, a ton of avocado and tahini. I’ve been going through these items like they’re going out of style. Do you like my dinner plate? $1.84 at Macy’s. I’m not even kidding. And yes, I’m totally proud of this deal. Wouldn’t you be?

And because I’m no house-wife, here’s what the boy sometimes makes:

DIY, man-style.

That would be pizza, bread nuggets, veggies, yogurt and some fruit. On an old pizza box. Class-ay? Or MacGyver-esque? You decide.

Maybe once our new house is built, I’ll magically become a potiche.

Steel beams and cement walls. I love my house already.

In front of the garage.

Considering that I am wearing the same sad t-shirt today as I am in this picture, it’s unlikely that I’ll ever be a trophy wife. I’m cool with that, though. But maybe a semi-stay-at-home wife. I can dig part-time work and part-time play.

What about you? Are you career-minded or could you fill your days with non-career stuff you love?



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6 responses to “Potiche

  1. My dream schedule: wake up, walk dogs, read/write, work out, go get coffee/lunch, go to grocery, come home, shower/clean/cook, hubs comes home, eat dinner, go for a walk, read/watchtv/movies, bed. Repeat. In reality, I’ll be working for the next gazillion years to pay off debt. yeaaaaaaaah law school.

    • Ah, the dream schedule! You and I are both dreaming of a similar lifestyle. And also paying the debt of graduate school. Yay, medical school. To anyone interested in the field, take my advice and become a P.A. or go into something else altogether. Health care is kinda screwed up….

  2. basia

    I don’t think I could ever sit at home and change diapers and catch baby spit all day, but if I got to write, or take language classes, or take classes at the gym, then I wouldn’t mind 😀 I used to detest the thought of becoming a housewife but I’m more open-minded now that I’m older, hehe. I love that you’re finding cool things to add avocados too. I am sort of in love with them. And I love your t-shirt!

    • The thought of spending my days changing diapers and getting spittal all over me makes me cringe to be honest.   I almost put avocado in my greek yogurt this morning. Someone please help! I need an intervention 🙂  

  3. I would like a bit of both Allison’s and Basia’s dream schedules please. While I’m sure I would get bored just staying at home, I know I would love to have the time to do what really made me happy without worrying about money or insurance benefits. That would mean I would have to get married, and seeing as there’s a better chance of growing an avocado tree in my brain than that happening, I’m screwed.

    Speaking of which, I’m so ticked as avocados are now $2 a piece here. Two dollars. For an avocado. I’ve had to cut my consumption down considerably, which is okay, as I’m fully stocked with my sunbutters and tahini 😉

    Does N have a brother?

    • Yes, but in the fantasy world you wouldn’t necessarily need to be married. You could it you wanted to but it’s no requirement. Andyes, N does have a brother. A very cool younger brother. I’d be glad to coordinate some introductions should you feel like coming up to T.C. for a visit 🙂 Why the heck are your avocados so expensive? That’s crazy. I’d be spending a good $10 on them every week…I can’t help myself when it comes to the green goodness. Hope the price drops soon.

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