That Toddlin’ Town

Any time that I mention the city Chicago, my Mom puts pulls out her jazz hands and sings “Chicago, Chicago….that toddlin’ town!” She can’t help herself. It’s been going on for decades now and I’m come to love it and truth be told, I may have pulled out my own jazz hands recently. No really. I did.

Ol' Blue Eyes liked Chicago, too. Well, he sang about it at least.

We head out to the Toddlin’ Town this morning to attend a wedding. And in all honesty, we just wanted to get away. It was a major bonus that we got a free night at one of our favorite hotels of all times.

But really, I could do without the wedding. I’ve never been a fan of weddings, showers, bachelorette parties…well, you get the idea. Don’t get me wrong: weddings can be beautiful and sometimes even kind of fun. Hell, I had one of my own more than 11 years ago. But it’s not how I’d choose to spend my Saturday night. My preference has always been lingering over a home cooked dinner with some kind of tasty beverage on a Saturday night. I’m such a party animal.

But getting out of town tends to be good for me as I’m prone to developing major life ruts. And lately, it’s been a grind. Plus it’s a good excuse to take a half day off on Monday and time off from work is heaven for me.

Growing up outside of Detroit, Chicago for us was always this huge, thriving, and somewhat anxiety-provoking metropolis. I guess anything is compared to Detroit. But at this point, I consider myself to be fairly well-travelled and actually find that ditching the car in lieu of walking everywhere in a big bustling city is quite relaxing. Some of my best memories consist of massive amounts of walking interspersed with beautiful museums and exotic cuisine. Luckily I have a very adventurous husband who also loves to walk and explore. Thankfully he is not nearly as anxious a person as I am so he’ll take the lead when we’re lost (this is rare as he has a built in GPS system in his brain–not kidding) or trying to navigate to a certain place.  Me? I can get lost in a grocery store (this, however sad, is also very true, but I don’t mind!).

Being a sort of Art History geek, I’m looking forward to some snooping around the museums in Chicago and visiting some of my favorite sculptures (hello Picasso!).

I must admit that living in Northern Michigan does not afford one very fantastic shopping experiences, so there may be some shopping involved in this upcoming trip.

I'm not sure why but this picture seems hilarious. It's not me, obviously 🙂

And then there’s the food. I use to stuff my face with deep dish pizza in Chicago. Considering that pizza wreaks havoc on my system at this point, I will be forgoing the pizza for some more elegant meal options. We may try to sneak into the Girl & the Goat for a bite. It’s Stephanie’s restaurant from Top Chef. Her food always looked so freakin’ good on that show. There’s also Blackbird. An oldie, but definitely a goodie! We went there years ago and it was such a wonderful and memorable meal. I’m not so excited about the wedding food but we’re staying an extra night to get the good stuff.

Do you love that Toddlin’ Town? What is your favorite place to eat there?



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3 responses to “That Toddlin’ Town

  1. I alway thought that Sinatra said “Chicago, Chicago that happening’ town …” thanks for finally setting the record straight for me after all these years … 🙂

  2. I’m ashamed to say I live only a few hours from Chicago and never go to hang out. The last time I was there was only overnight for a work party a couple years ago, which was fun (I had the day to wander the city by myself), but I didn’t get to explore any good restaurants or sites. I would love to take a weekend and go explore with someone who appreciated window shopping and veggie dining (hint, hint…)

    Hope you had fun!

  3. I LOVE Chicago! I’ve only been there twice and don’t really remember all my eats, but had a great German meal at Berghoff Cafe. And I’d much rather spend a Sat night in than at a wedding, too–although a wedding in Chicago might make the difference.

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