The Long Run

Is it me or does the week following a three-day weekend seem extra-long? This past week could have been several weeks long and I’m not sure I would have noticed a difference. It seems like most of my weeks these days drone on and on. I find myself constantly counting down until 4:01pm Friday so I can go home and relax. And sleep. I don’t get a whole lot of that during my work week unfortunately. But when we get a three-day weekend I squeeze out as much sleep as possible without feeling like a total slug.

That’s what I did for Labor Day weekend and it was delightful. We watched the Wolverines win their season opener–sort of. They had to call the game due to lightening which made it a strange and abrupt ending to the game. But I didn’t care. I’ll take the win thank you very much. Sunday morning I enjoyed putzing around the kitchen before heading out for a long walk along the water with N. That afternoon, N’s Mom and Dad came by to spend the night with us and see the progress on our house construction. We hiked them over to take a look at this:

West side view of the house in progress.

South side with garage and what will become the greenhouse above the garage.

The sunset from what will become our living room. It rivals Maui's sunsets in my opinion.

The next morning I went for a quick run with my mother-in-law then got ready to head back out for a quick bike ride (we are insane) before brunch at the Boathouse Restaurant just up the road from us. Unfortunately it was cold and gloomy out so we opted to sit inside rather than out on their patio.

We were all pretty happy with our meals. My mother-in-law went for the sugar-coma-inducing creme brulee french toast:

Creme brulee french toast that looks and tastes more like cake than toast.

My father-in-law was happily seduced by their house-smoked and dill-infused salmon plate:

Smoked salmon plate with toast, veggies and sour cream.

N went for the morel asparagus omelette paired with local sausage:

Asparagus omelette with house-made sausage, fruit and potatoes.

I was more in a lunch mood and ended up with two plates:

Smoked whitefish pate with dill in a little puff pastry garnished with smoked salmon and crackers.

I’ll be honest. I didn’t eat the puff pastry (not a puff pastry fan) and had no trace of the promised purple onion jam but it was pretty darn go0d. I paired it with this:

House salad with fresh mozz and a tasty balsamic-green goddess dressing on the side.

I didn’t expect much of the salad but it was more than I had hoped for, as the dressing was a combination of flavors that I hadn’t had together before–balsamic reduction underneath a basil vinaigrette. I may even try to tackle this dressing at home. Shocking, I know.

One restaurant down and many, many more to try. I’m constantly amazed at the number of very good restaurants in this area. Hell, even the take-out pizza is fantastic here.

As I sit here writing this, I’ve got one eye on the computer screen and the other on the Federer v. Djokovic match. You know how I feel about Fed. And though I’ve warmed up to the Joker, Fed is still my main tennis man.  The match is some of the best tennis I’ve seen–each shot more amazing than the last. These guys have been at it now for hours and although they’ve played 4 sets, there’s no end in sight. This match reminds me of my work week. I wonder what their Friday at 4:01pm is?  Thankfully, I’m trying not to think about work right now and just enjoy the fact that it’s the weekend and I’m free.



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2 responses to “The Long Run

  1. I’m doing the same thing right now, except with baseball. My mom is the huge tennis freak and she keeps texting me with updates I haven’t asked for. You guys would get along well, except she’s Team Nadal.

    Anyway, love the house pictures. Woo-hoo! It will make all those weeks until 4:01 Friday worth it, no? Wait. I don’t want to think about work right now either, even though I could be. Back to the game–enjoy your weekend!

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