Long Time No See

I’ve got a ton of excuses. Some of them are actually good and slightly valid. Most of them are work…blah blah…work….on call for work…blah blah….more work. The bottom line? I have not done a stellar job balancing myself since the move. I’m working (there’s that damn word again) on it but somehow I can’t seem to get ahead enough to make a plan.

I did take a break last weekend though.  And it was calculated. I twisted my sister’s arm into coming for a visit. I plied her with visions of fall in full bloom and, thankfully, she bit.


Ah, sweet relief from the daily grind! I picked her up from the airport last Thursday after work and we went for a hike to see the progress on our house.

Me and my little sis. Isn't she gorgeous?

We made a simple, but delicious stir fry for dinner and sipped on some of my new liquid gold while we laughed and joked. We slept in Friday morning (sleep, delicious sleep!) then went for another hike before the parents arrived.

We then made the mistake of playing this game.

Mexican train dominoes. Totally racist. A great game though.

Not only is it fun to play, but apparently it’s addictive. We played right up until we had to leave for one of my favorite restaurants in Traverse City: Poppycocks (I know, it’s a slightly unfortunate name…nevertheless).

Ready to head out for a night of tasty food and fantastic jazz.

I nearly ordered something different, then I didn’t. I got my same old wonderful standby: their house soup that tastes like liquid lasagna and their Up North Cobb salad. Of course we also split the sweet potato fries with guac. That place never disappoints. I won’t bore you with any repeat pictures.

After dinner we had some time to kill, so we went over to the book store for some hijinks.

The pink dog is mesmerizing.


This is where I get my plastic face from. My Dad is always up to joke around.


My sister and her beaver. Yeah, I said that.

I also found my new favorite book. I’m jealous that I didn’t write it. It is that amazing. YouTube has a rendition read by Samuel L. Jackson. That’s all I have to say about that.

We were still laughing as we walked down to the Opera House for a little night music: Wynton Marsalis was playing that night. I gotta say, the concert was short but spectacular. If you have an opportunity to see this guy and his band, don’t miss it.

The next morning we filled our faces with N’s special Sunday morning corn-cakes then went for a long walk on the peninsula. It all went by way too fast though. We were saying goodbye before I was ready but that’s how time goes.

On their way out. I miss them already.



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6 responses to “Long Time No See

  1. I was literally just going to write you an email and thought, “Well, I’ll check her blog first to see if she’s updated things” and you had! However, I will try not to ramble here like I would have in an email.

    Anyway, I was going to see how you were enjoying your “Pure Michigan” switch into fall. As much as I complain about the snow, the colors are SOO beautiful in the weeks leading up to that. Nature is incredible.

    Your weekend looks lovely and you two look like twins. And holy hell, sweet potato fries with guac and lasagna soup? Could anything sound better than that? Actually, the hike sounds better than that, but it still sounds good. I’m still rambling. Send an email if you want. Otherwise, enjoy your colors!

    • Going to send an email tomorrow (we have some family up here tonight). You’ve got to try the fries with the guac–maybe we can entice your friend to drive you both up here for some yummy food and beautiful hikes 🙂

  2. albert

    i laughed til i cried..
    it was really, really great,,
    i luv u sweet girl xo

  3. Okay, I have that Go to Sleep book, and it is amazing, and now I learn there’s a Sammy L version? hooooly cow you have just completed my life 😀 Glad you had fun with family and got a little relaxing in too. I want to find that game now, I love addictive games you can’t stop playing.

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