We’ve Met Our Match

One of the hardest parts about moving to a new area is the whole friend thing. Or really, in my case, a lack thereof. We’ve been so busy that it hasn’t been easy to make plans with new people. We’ve done a lot of stuff with family, though, and that’s the reason for the move. My b.i.l. stopped by for lunch on Saturday on his way back to Minnesota. We made soft pretzels and used them to make sandwiches. They were delicious but those puppies are dense! One is enough. We ate at the construction site and then rocked in our chairs and watched the water like old people.

The three amigos in full effect. Post-prandial.

There’s not a whole lot more relaxing for me these days than sitting on the upper floor of my home in-progress watching the water and eventually, the sunset.

Sunset from our home in progress. I'm speechless.

But, as usual, I digress. To be fair, we have met some real friend potentials. So far, I think my Pilates instructor and her husband take the cake. Ok, so I pay her to be my friend. Sort of. She puts me through my Pilates paces and has always been really friendly. She and her husband are T.C. transplants, too, and carry a similar story of living life in big city (in their case, NYC) with all of the chaos and frenetic energy and then one day it was just too much. They packed their bags more than 3 years ago and bought a house in Interlochen. She went from the insane world of fashion to owning a Pilates studio. I find that rather awesome.They’re still settling into a lifestyle that is a million miles from what they were used to. Needless to say, we can definitely relate.

They invited us to dinner last Saturday. Unfortunately, I left my camera in the car or otherwise there would be some major food porn pics. It was that good. Apparently, they haven’t been able to find a good pizza place so over the last couple of years they have taken homemade pizza to a new level.

Bridgit’s husband, Keith, made the pizza dough 3 days ahead of time. They made 4 pizzas in total. Each one outstanding. The first was a simple Margherita pizza with fresh mozz, tomato sauce and basil. Oh good god! The first bite was inspiring. We were advised to sprinkle a little parm and some sea salt on our slice. Absolute heaven.

The next pie was proscuitto and asparagus. What a flavor combination.

My personal favorite was pie number 3: shiitake mushrooms sauteed in truffle oil. All I can say about that is that it should be illegal in most states. I went in for seconds on that sucker.

The fourth and last pie was sopressata. I didn’t try this one, as I was still happily munching away on my tricked out, truffle-laden pie. But I was told it, too, was fantastic.

And oh yeah, there was salad. With homemade balsamic vinaigrette. Yum. I had a heap of it in between the pizza and washed it all down with a hearty red wine. I’m sure they must think I’m a total pig, but you know what? Oink, oink! I’m cool with that. Besides, they’re the ones who made four freaking pizzas!

And while the dinner was out of this world, the conversation was the focal point. I think they get us maybe better than any other couple we’ve hung out with. We talked books, authors, dogs over kids, restaurants, chefs and music. We could have stayed and talked into the wee hours, but of course when it got close to midnight, I began turning into a pumpkin. Sadly, midnight is late for me.

The moon from our homesite.

Herein lies the challenge: what culinary feat to attempt when they come over for dinner? While the ideas have been flowing, I’m pretty sure that we will do some kind of Asian. Ok, who am I kidding? We’ll probably do Korean, considering I can’t seem to eat enough kimchi these days. I’ve been routinely buying 3 jars of the stuff at each shopping trip. And you can’t go wrong with something cooked in a stone pot. I hope they like spicy….



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3 responses to “We’ve Met Our Match

  1. basia

    You had me at: “We made soft pretzels and used them to make sandwiches.”

    😀 The food sounds amazing. I love home-made anything but the pizzas sound super delicious.

    I’m about to make a huge move out of province and I’m also thinking how much of a pain in the butt it will be to have to make new friends and situate ourselves in a new social setting..Maybe I should start making pizzas for people, lol.

  2. Ohh, I would love it if I went over to a friend’s and they made Korean food! And ugh, making new friends is hard! I don’t know, it might be harder as a single lady since you can’t do couple’s things–I have a few good friends, but after a year in a new city I still don’t feel like i have a particularly extensive group of friends. All in good time!

  3. making new friends in a new city is definitely hard…took me at least a year in LA before i found some great girlfriends. but, it looks like you are off to a great start! food is a wonderful bonding tool…especially pizzas with truffled mushrooms, hello, YUM!

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