What Was I Thinking?

One of the most difficult changes (besides the whole friend situation) in moving North has been getting used to waking up in the morning to a dark sky. Let’s just say it’s not inspiring me to spring out of bed and go for my usual morning run. I can barely roll out of bed. Then I end up putzing away my time before work and only end up doing a lame ass workout.

To help combat the morning darkness, N found and purchased this for us:

Phillips light alarm.

Not only does this sucker mimic the sunrise (sort of), at the end of the lightest part, birds start chirping. They are polite at first. If you don’t get up now, be prepared for the birds to go a bit ape shit on your ass. They are loud. All in all, it has been helpful getting up.

But then what to do about the workout conundrum? I used to like to do an hour of something before work. I’ve found it’s the best way to really wake up and get through my day. Running in the dark is sort of an option: I bought a headlamp. It definitely takes getting used to. I began leaning a little too heavily on Ms. Jillian Michaels and started to feel like I was phoning in all of my workouts with her. So what’s a girl supposed to do?

I broke down and went to the X side with this nut job:

Tony Horton will bring it to you X style.

The biggest reason I got P90X? It was on sale on Amazon and has multiple workouts. N and I started his program on Monday and it’s actually a pretty good workout series. It’s new for me and keeps me engaged which is what I was looking for. It also made both of us sore as hell. So now the challenge is on, Mr. Horton. I will do your 90 day program and I will conquer your workouts. The only part I’m not gonna do is the before and after pics although I may regret that later.

Do you work out in the morning? What gets you going first thing?


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  1. One of my roommates did the whole X thing and really got in shape with it. I do the videos from time to time, but not enough to see results specific to it. Horton is a cheeseball, but he does put together a good workout. I run in the mornings and do my workouts in the evening. Thoughts of a delicious bowl of oatmeal get me up and out of bed, as ridiculous as that is šŸ˜€

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