Fall, For Reals

For the last twelve years, I’ve yearned for a real Fall. You know, with leaves changing, crispy air, cider mills and the smell of real wood-burning chimneys. Instead there was usually a little dip in the morning temps, but nothing dramatic. In the daytime it was sunny and could have been any summer day. The only real change that happened to let me know that the seasons were indeed changing, besides college football of course, were the trees turning into their skeletons, losing their green leaves with no color change whatsoever. Just a lot of brown-ness. And of course, the time change that made it dark around 4:45pm.

But this year, finally, I’m experiencing the real deal.

The golden color rivals that of the Aspens we saw with my s.i.l. in Colorado last year.

In fact, I can’t remember seeing trees turn such a brilliant golden hue in the past.

It's hard not to stop and stare. For me it's hard to believe these trees are real.

We’ve been hiking a ton. Look at our beautiful forest.

Our hiking path. Created and maintained lovingly by the one and only N.

Our trail leads us to our baby in progress:

West view of the house. Still waiting for windows...

The big change this week was the balcony construction. Finally! 

The view of the west bay from the balcony. Gorgeous.

Sure there are no rails and no good way to get up there right now but we managed to monkey up and spend some time with the view anyway. (Do you like my please-don’t-shoot-me-I’m-not-a-deer orange hat?)

Happy to finally have a balcony to stand on.

Fall is also that time of year that I start to get the baking bug back. We finally got down to business with the pumpkins that N’s Dad grew and gave to us. This one’s my favorite:

Warty pumpkin waiting to be cut and roasted.

Last night, to kill the time while I was taking hospital call (by old school pager no less), we decided to experiment with some pumpkin pie ideas. I had N get out his little hack-saw and break down Mr. Warty J. Pumpkin for me.

This is one dense pumpkin.

To our sad surprise, this pumpkin didn’t really have any seeds for us to roast.

A surpising paucity of seeds. A very sad moment indeed.

Now, I’m not really a pie fan. I’ve disappointed many a host by not indulging in pie and I always feel guilty, but I know that I won’t like it so I stick to my guns. I wondered how I’d feel about pumpkin pie bars. I don’t like pie crust and these bars have a very thing layer of homemade crust. We cobbled together about 3 different recipes and then added anything else that sounded good (coconut butter, greek yogurt, ground coriander, grated fresh ginger, lemon zest, tons of cinnamon and of course, freshly roasted then pureed pumpkin). It came out of the oven looking like this:

Cooling down to be cut into bars.

And survey says?!? After a very tenuous bite, I decided that they are kind of ridiculously delicious. They are light and airy and pretty darn tasty with a little bit of ice cream. Great success!

Is it pathetic that I am totally excited about the extra hour of sleep that the Fall back time change allows tonight? If it is, I don’t care. In the words of my new morning buddy, Tony Horton (that’s right, I’ve been sticking with the P90X program thank you very much):

Bring It!

What do you love about Fall?


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  1. I try to like fall, because as a season it isn’t so bad–it’s not its fault winter comes after! But that’s all I can focus on when the leaves start changing and the air gets that “feel.” Pumpkin treats help 🙂

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