You’re Like a Never Ending Holiday

It’s that time of the year again. I’m not referring to Thanksgiving or Christmas, but rather to N’s birthday. This year it falls the day before Gobbler Day which is kind of nice. I think it would pretty well suck to have to share your birthday with a big holiday like that. Some people might not agree with that. But for me, on my birthday, I like to do whatever the hell I want to do. That usually amounts to sleeping in, padding around the house drinking some tea, going for a long run and having something tasty for dinner–but nothing over the top. So that’s my frame of reference.

Getting back to the birthday boy. Our big plans include doing the chest and biceps DVD with our pal Tony Horton.

Bring It

Then some errands–bank, Home Depot, pharmacy. When we get back, I’ll spend some time with my favorite pals, butter and chocolate while I bake some of his favorite cookies (I cannot promise that I will not eat some batter along the way).

 Next up? A trip up to 2lads (their winery may have inspired our home plans) for a sip of tasty wine.

My dream home, complete with a thriving winery.

Dinner will probably be at this place, as we’ve not tried it yet.

We’ll also fit in a hike to go see the progress on the house, aka the baby.

South side of the house--which now has some windows but I was too lazy to download the new picture.

Since I am not a big lover of buying Hallmark cards, I’ve decided to write out my card on my blog. For everyone else: that’s your warning.  I promise mostly silly and not too much sap . Ok, maybe a little bit.


Happy Birthday! How time seems to fly by. From college, to grad school,  then on to “real life” stuff, you just keep getting better. Thanks for being my fine wine. I’m one lucky lady. In the words of Dorothy Moore:


My gift is you….wrapped in a love that’s true….
I make my home in you’re arms
See, I need for you… and nothing can compare…
To what we share
We’re in a world of our own
So much love is there

So baby you are my life
To live without you, I would’nt try
What would I be without you
Let me make this toast to you

You’re what I celebrate
You’re like a never ending holiday
You’re my forever special occasion


Here’s to your birthday today and the wish for joy and fun everyday for decades more. I love you.

Just the two of us....we can make it if we try. You and I.



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2 responses to “You’re Like a Never Ending Holiday

  1. A belated happy birthday to the dude. And nice that it didn’t have to compete with a holiday, I have a friend who was born on Christmas…and it always seems so miserable for her.

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