Too Many Thoughts

Does this ever happen to you? You’ve got so many thoughts that you want to explore, and maybe even write about, but there are so many, they become a jumbled up mess. That’s where I’m at right now. So instead of a word salad, I give you real salad pictures of food. I’m hoping to detangle and process the thoughts into a coherent post soon.

On our way to dinner. Can I look any more haggard?

 Ok, so I lied. First some pics of peeps going to dinner. This is from N’s birthday right before Turkey Day. That purple wool coat is a product of my recent trip out to see my sister. Thank you Loehman’s!

Happiness is a plate of cured meats and a beer.

Dinner at Bay Leaf was pretty good, although as I’m learning more and more these days, the apps are where it’s at. Entrees? Not so much.

My salad with an enormous parmesan crisp.

My main gripe with entrees is that it’s just too much food. So this time, I stuck with a salad and a small plate. Too bad the small plate was disappointing. After the waitress said “kabocha” and “black truffle shavings” I apparently did not hear that the risotto would be more like a cheesy rice dish. Think cheesy rice from a box.

Allegedly a dish of kabocha squash risotto adorned with black truffle. Tasted like mac n' cheese. Bizarre.

 N was happy with his meal o’ pork. He also helped with above cheesy rice. I got to try his fingerling potatoes and they were pretty darn tasty.

His birthday entree: Pork chop with fingerling potatoes and fennel.

Poor guy. When he saw they had creme brulee for dessert, he was so excited. When he found out they “ruined” it by making it a coffee flavored brulee, he was pretty disappointed. Luckily this man is optimistic. He quickly decided that dessert at home would be even better than a creme brulee. How cute is he? The answer? Very.

Thanksgiving was really special this year because we got to see both sides of the family, including N’s Oma. She was really sick for a while and is finally starting to come around. She was so happy to see us.

Oma with me and N.

We also got a pic of Oma with her oldest and youngest grandchildren. A isn’t a fan of this picture but I think she looks gorgeous.

Oma posing with her oldest and youngest grandchild.

I’m currently on the countdown until Thursday afternoon, when I will board a plane to Florida for a long weekend of warm weather. My cold hands feel better already.



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4 responses to “Too Many Thoughts

  1. Florida?? I’m jealous, I could definitely do with some warm and some sun! And dessert at home is always better! Then you get to be comfortable while eating treats.

  2. Ahhh….Florida sounds great about now. How’s that Michigan weather 😉

    My sister is the youngest of 52 grandkids on my dad’s side. She’s 32 and I think my oldest cousin is 56!

  3. This happens to me ALL THE TIME. I literally have a zillion things to write about, and then when I try to write about them, it all runs right out of my head. I’m so jeal you’re going to Fla. Its so cold already 🙂

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