Wild and Crazy

Wild and crazy? Moi? Not usually and not really. But it’s all about perspective, right?

Wild and crazy for me is finally attempting baking brownies from scratch…wait for it: using black beans. The whole black bean thing has been around for what seems like forever and has been on my to-try list, sort of, for a while now. So when my friend in Ann Arbor, who is still having a hard time post-back surgery with pain and difficulty getting around, requested that I bring him “gooey fudgy brownies” I put on my big girl britches and thinking cap (I don’t usually make brownies. Ever.). After all this has actually been pretty devastating for him and I get it. If this will give him a moment of some kind of happiness, I’ll do it. Thankfully I’ve not had nor needed a major surgery like this, though I am suffering the loss of ease of movement and general leg discomfort. Ok, pain.

In my usual spirit of semi-laziness, I didn’t bake from a box. Baking from a box would mean that I’d have to stop at the store. And given my own current state of gimpiness, I opted to get wild and crazy. I took a look in my pantry and heard the voice of Tim Gunn saying, “make it work people.”

I’m proud to say that I pretty well made it work. I haven’t told him yet that the brownies contain said ingredient, but I had N taste test and he gave the brownie two gooey, fudgy thumbs up. I’ll tell my friend. Eventually. Probably. Well, we’ll see.

Here’s the real crazy part: I failed to mention that I baked these brownie is a flurry Friday night around 10:30pm (my usual bedtime! Even on Friday nights…I know….but I covet my sleep) after getting home from a bbq with some friends. I had one eye on the recipe and one eye on the TV as the Wings won game 2 against Nashville. And to round out the wild aspect, here’s the full disclosure: I was also a little buzzed from the bbq (no worries—N was my DD).

Hands down, best baking experience ever.

I delivered said brownies to my friend this weekend so now we wait. He’s pretty opinionated so I’m sure I’ll hear about it if he thinks they taste like ass.

When you’re wild and crazy, how do you roll?



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