Nibbling on the Big Apple

I know you’ll be shocked to find out that we just got back from a quick trip. Travelling? Who, us? I know, we can’t seem to sit still. Anyway, it was a business trip for N that turned into a business trip for me, too. I got to have a face-to-face session with a patient from L.A. That’s not shocking although it was pretty cool.

No, the shocking part was the locale. I’ve got nothing against NYC. I get it. Sort of. But I am also really susceptible to feeling the chaotic energy of a city and it wears on me. So the Big Apple is a potential energy sucking trip for me.

I kinda grumbled on the way to the airport something like, “I should have stayed at home.” I grumbled about having to connect in Chicago while gimping through O’Haare, “I can’t stand this damn airport.” I grumbled while waiting outside of Laguardia that the air smelled like “tobacco,” in response to N saying the air felt nice (it was sunny and sort of warm). Hell, I grumbled in the car on the way to the hotel about how I “didn’t expect to have a good time.”

Jeez. Poor N.

The shocker here is that I actually enjoyed myself. Seriously, stop the presses! Despite still dealing with the knee issue, I managed to walk (slowly, but still!) quite a bit: to and from N’s business dinner on Thursday night at Del Frisco’s where I stuffed my face with a baked potato the size of my head. To dinner with friends on Friday night at Terroir, where I chowed down on faro salad with edamame and asparagus frittata. I guess I forgot how much I love walking around, people watching and having whatever I could want be accessible, day and night. It’s not like I tend to take advantage of something like that accessibility but after 12 years in L.A. it is somehow comforting to me that I could go out to a market late at night to pick up some ginger ale.

In small doses, maybe NYC is good for me. I think I even shocked N when I casually mentioned that I might be up for going with him again sometime soon. You know, should the opportunity present itself.

And adding to the fun had during our quick 2 day trip, we spotted Nate Appleman waiting to board our plane to NYC in Chicago.


He has tattoos on his palms. This man is not messing around--in the kitchen or in life apparently.

I met Mrs. Gingrich in the bathroom at Thursday’s steak house. You know, “Newt’s wife”?

This is exactly how she looks in person. Very Barbie doll-like. I declined the handshake offered in the bathroom. It just seemed weird.


And we saw a hunched and shuffling Gilbert Gottfried check in for his United flight at the self-service check-in machine next to the one we had just used on Saturday morning.

I didn’t mind taking a nibble of the Big Apple. Not this time anyway.

Did I ever tell you how much I adore apples? This blog could be called the Applebin I eat so many of 'em.

Have you ever travelled somewhere you didn’t expect to like?



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