Trick and Treat

Our driveway is about a quarter of a mile long. I honestly never knew a driveway could be that long and I never thought such a driveway would lead to my home. But it does. All 0.25 miles of the gravely sandy mess. We frequently have people driving up to our house mistakenly thinking they are on an actual road rather than our driveway. We know this because they round the corner up to our house and immediately turn around and zoom off.

A few of our neighbors have cutesy “street” signs at the start of their driveway: Lavender Ln, Sugar Shack Rd, etc. That seemed not only like a hassle but just not us. So N and his friend K devised a pretty bad ass way to announce our driveway.

Our handcrafted driveway sign.

Our handcrafted driveway sign.

This “shield” has our address laser-cut into the Cor-ten steel. We’ve got some solar powered lights behind to light up the numbers at night. The sign conveniently shields sight of our nasty garbage can and pretty soon there will be a shelf for the UPS dude to use in the winter (they can’t use our driveway when the weather is bad–too dangerous. Sheesh!).

I was admiring the finished product and driving up our road in a bit of a daydream when I passed this:

Friend or clown?

Friend or clown?

I slammed on the breaks and threw the car into reverse. What the hell?!?

That’s right. A giant mylar balloon of Big Bird. I’m not a fan of clowns and I consider Big Bird to be a big ass clown of sorts. I mean, I don’t and never did hate Sesame Street but I’d much rather watch a cool cartoon than hang on that Street. And we are tucked so far into the woods that it is freaky to think that this balloon just ended up there. I’m considering this to be a trick in the spirit of Halloween. Honestly, I’d much rather just have some candy.

Candy corn!!!!!


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One response to “Trick and Treat

  1. Mom

    I love the sign! It turned out amazing! N and K knew what they were doing!
    Yo momma

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