Tasty Stuff

Restaurants: some of my favorites with tasty track records.

Clyde Common (Portland, OR)

the cooks’ house (Traverse City, MI)

Wurstkuche (Downtown LA)

Lazy Ox Canteen (Downtown LA)

Sona (LA)

Craft (Century City)

Akasha (Culver City)

Fraiche (Culver City)

Gyu-kaku (West LA)

Gjelina (Venice)

Sakura (Marina del Rey adjacent)

Sushi-Gen (Little Tokyo LA)

Comerc 24 (Barcelona, Spain)

Fountainhead (Andalucia, Spain)

Inakaya (Tokyo)

Piccolo (Minneapolis, MN)

Blackbird (Chicago)

Esca (NYC)

Osteria Mozza (Hollywood) (I hear the pizzeria is even better)

A.O.C. (LA)

La Toque (Napa Valley)

Tratorria Stella (Traverse City, MI)

Poppycocks (Traverse City, MI)

Bilbo Baggins (Alexandria, VA)

On the wish list:

The Royal Mail Hotel Restaurant (Dunkeld, Australia)

Test Kitchen (Beverly Hills)

The Tasting Kitchen (Venice)

avec (Chicago)

Topolobampo (Chicago)

Beast (Portland)

Gruner (Portland)


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